Does Liposuction Leave Loose Skin?

A common fear that I hear from patients is that after liposuction there will be extra, loose skin. Fortunately, at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute there are a few methods that we employ to minimize bruising and tighten-up skin after liposuction.

Following a VASER High-Definition Liposuction procedure you will be required to wear a fitted compression garment with custom foam inlay. This garment must be worn for up to four weeks following the procedure to allow for a guided settling of your liquefied fat cells. After this four week period, you will have the opportunity to further maximize your results with a Viora Radiofrequency lymphatic massage treatment.



Pictured above: a postoperative custom fitted compression garment.

What is Viora Radiofrequency Lymphatic Massage?

Viora combines vacuum and radiofrequency technology to enhance liposuction efficiency and deliver the best results to you. Viora works through the use of adjustable medical radiofrequency (RF) technology which selectively heats the skin, melting away body fat and tightening skin. When the Viora energy is applied, you will feel a deep but brief heating sensation, which is a good indication that collagen is reaching effective temperatures for tightening.


During the Viora body contouring procedure, the heat is accompanied by a vacuum sensation, which can be adjusted to your comfort level. The suction of the vacuum assists in deeper penetration of heat to safely and comfortably deliver optimal contour results. Increasing the temperature of your skin results in increased blood circulation, production of new blood cells, and an increase in the oxygen, nutrients and hormones of your cells. This increases cell metabolism promoting the breakdown of fat to ensure a slimmer and smoother you.

Heat is essential to tighten collagen and stimulate new growth. It works on deep tissues and also breaks down any connective tissues that could cause loose skin, dimpling or cellulite. Finally, the vacuum technology and manual massaging action of the treatment probes helps to promote lymphatic drainage. This removes any edema (accumulation of excess fluid) from your skin and soft tissues to minimize the chance of unnecessary scarring or contour abnormalities.


Pictured: Vacuum Mechanical Massage

To ensure optimal postoperative healing and results, we offer the Perfect Change Program, one of the most thorough and personalized surgical experiences available. For more information about High-Definition Liposuction, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, Orange County’s top VASER Liposuction Surgeon.

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