Benefits of Vaser HD Lipo

Vaser High Def vs. Traditional Liposuction 1

Pictured: a VASER Liposuction machine

There are significant benefits that Vaser High def liposuction has over the traditional liposuction. The first is comprehensive fat removal. Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy to melt and break up fat cells before removing them through a thin tube called a cannula. This allows for both the deep and superficial fat layers to be accessed and removed. Moreover, the removal of the superficial layer of fat is unique to VASER liposuction and allows for the kind of highly defined sculpting needed to obtain a “six-pack” abdomen for men or “four pack” for women.

Vaser High Def Minimizes Recovery

The second benefit is minimal down time. Specifically, VASER Liposuction makes the fat easier to remove resulting in a less-aggressive procedure, which may lead to minimal pain and faster recovery times.

Vaser High Def vs. Traditional Liposuction 2

Pictured: small titanium probes or cannulas

Lessened blood loss is the third benefit. Since the fat cells are loosened up, there is less trauma during fat removal (aspiration) which minimizes damage to blood vessels, thus reducing blood loss.

When blood vessels are damaged it results in unnecessary bruising and longer recovery times. This is caused because blood loss induces an inflammatory reaction that triggers the nerves responsible for pain. Less blood loss, inflammation and pain means an improved postoperative experience and speedier recovery.

Vaser HDL Minimizes Need for More Surgeries

Vaser High Def vs. Traditional Liposuction 3

Pictured: a cannula employing ultrasound technology to break up fat cells.

The fourth benefit is skin tightening. The ultrasound and heating ability of VASER Liposuction results in a slight tightening of the skin. Tightened skin optimizes liposuction results by minimizing the risk of contour irregularities and cellulite formation, therefore making the need for more invasive follow-up surgeries (outlined below) less likely.

  1. May avoid need for a skin excision or mini tummy tuck surgery.
  2. May avoid unsightly scarring that can result from the removal of excess breast skin during gynecomastia surgery.
  3. Might avoid the need for a lateral thigh and buttocks tuck during lower back and buttocks contouring.
  4. May avoid brachioplasty (arm lift) incision during upper arm contouring.

Improved fat grafting results is the fifth and final benefit of VASER Liposuction. Whether you are considering fat grafting for a Breast Augmentation or a Brazilian Butt Lift, the limiting factor usually involves a lack of sufficient fat volume (needed for the transfer). Vaser and Puregraf technology allow improved fat volumes and fat cell survivability.

For more information and to determine if you are a good candidate for VASER high definition liposuction, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, Orange County’s premiere VASER Liposuction surgeon.

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