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Total Body Transformation by Dr. Laguna

Total Body Transformation refers to 360°, circumferential contouring of the body. Subsequently, this result in “jaw-dropping” results that will revolutionize your life. Whether you are trying to push yourself to the next level or have lost hope of ever regaining your youthful figure, our total body transformation surgery will elevate your figure to the next level. In order to achieve a total body transformation, you will complete a full evaluation and establish a starting grade based on Dr. Laguna’s high definition liposuction Body Scale. Afterward, he will recommend a comprehensive and customized surgical plan for you.

Using HDL Body Scale to achieve Transformation

The HDL Body scale establishes your starting point, helps design your surgical plan, and then objectifies your gains. Dr. Laguna is well recognized not only for his precision but also for his ability to consistently transform you to a near-perfect 9 or 10 grade. Dr. Laguna specifically uses a combination both of VASER liposuction and skin tightening methods with minimally invasive Renuvion skin tightening and more invasive skin tucking procedures to achieve his total body transformations. 

360° Total Body Transformation

This involves contouring of all body parts in a 360-degree circumferential manner. In other words, 360-degree circumferential contouring means that every inch of your body will be treated to look its best! As such, our patients look incredible in everyday clothes and even swimwear because they have nothing to hide. If you have dreamed of having the ultimate youthful body, then the total body transformation is for you. 

Our Surgical Center

The transformations are performed in our state of the art surgical center within a safe limit of 6 to 7-hour surgical time. In addition, patients are cared for by our surgical family that has been working together for over a decade. Therefore, the team treats all patients safely and with the best of care. Finally, you will be provided with a well-regarded aftercare recovery schedule that involves a minimum of 5-7 lymphatic messages which will be performed by our credentialed massage therapists with over 30 years of experience. The mandatory lymphatic messages will then be completed over the first week following surgery.

Treated Areas
Pubic Region
Upper Back
Middle Back
Lower Back
Lateral Thighs
Medial Thighs
Lower Legs

Contact Dr. Laguna

Stop dreaming about your perfect body! In your free consultation with Dr. Laguna, he will complete a high definition liposuction body scale evaluation and then give you a personalized total body transformation plan. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet your patient coordinator, your surgical staff, as well as your post-surgical aftercare personnel.

You can also view hundreds of before and after photo galleries of incredible results. Furthermore, you may even have the opportunity to observe live patients who are participating in their lymphatic messages.

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