The Top Tummy Tuck Success Factors

The Top Tummy Tuck Success Factors

Several considerations are critical to obtaining superior tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) results. Dr. Laguna maximizes the aesthetic improvements of the abdomen by addressing each of the top tummy tuck success factors below. It is of the utmost importance that your cosmetic surgeon is experienced and highly-skilled in addressing all of these key factors to ensure optimal tummy tuck results

Figure 1: A depiction of the changes in the abdominal musculature that can occur following pregnancy. The main culprit is the stretching out of the linea alba ligament.

1. Avoiding a Muffin Top

This complication arises when the tension on the muscle repair is not performed appropriately. Successful tummy tucks require muscle repair both above and below the belly button in order to re-tighten the muscle ligaments in the mid-line that stretch with pregnancy.

Meticulous attention to muscle tension both before and after tightening above and below the belly button is essential in avoiding this deformity. Post-pregnancy surgery, often termed a “mommy makeover” often requires multiple procedures including liposuction or breast augmentation to improve results.

2. A low incision line

A low incision line is critical to tummy tuck success for several reasons. First, your surgeon should hide the incision in your undergarment or bikini bottom so that it is not evident that a tummy tuck was performed. Second, this creates a natural division between the belly and the pubic region by virtue of having a low abdominal incision. However, when the incision is placed high, the pubic triangle (mons) aesthetics can be compromised. Finally, placing the incision line too high may lead to a shelf deformity. Meticulous surgical design is critical to planning and performing low incision line tummy tucks.

Figure 3. Patient enjoying a “low” incision line and non-operated results even when wearing undergarments.

3. An innie and non-operated looking belly button

In order to create a belly button that does not look operated or distorted, your surgeon must ensure appropriate identification of the belly button stalk which is temporarily disconnected following redraping of your abdominal skin. In addition, we fix the belly button stalk to the abdominal muscles to allow the new belly button attachment to have the incision ring placed and hidden in the new shadow.

Figure 4. The patient will an aesthetically pleasing innie belly button

4. A narrow waistline

A narrowed waistline is important in order to recreate your feminine silhouette; from the front, an “hourglass” shape best exemplifies this look. In order to create this appearance, your surgeon must narrow down the waistline during your tummy tuck. This requires modification of the traditional undermining techniques to limit skin elevation to the central abdomen. By leaving the lateral skin attached to the muscle, it allows your lateral waistline tissues to pull in making your waist more pronounced.

Figure 5. Narrow waistline and feminine silhouette

5. Avoiding the double bubble and dog ears

Lateral flank and love handle prominence can result in following a tummy tuck which compresses the tissues in the front and pushes out the lateral abdominal tissues out laterally. If there is fullness in this area preoperatively, it will become even more pronounced after surgery. This is why every tummy tuck patient needs the lateral flanks evaluated and treated with either liposuction and/or an extension of traditional tummy tuck incisions.

Figure 6. The patient transformation from surgery performed by another surgeon resulting in dog ears, double bubble, and high incision lines. Note improved contour and waistline in the final result, double bubble and dog ears eradicated

6. Smooth recovery for tummy tuck success

A smooth recovery requires the patient to have tolerable discomfort in contrast to excruciating pain; this consideration is most important over the first three days where the pain is most severe; this is due to the fact that swelling is maximum over the first three days and increases the pressure on the pain nerves. As such, we utilize a special numbing medication, called Experal, to help with pain management.

Figure 7. Experal

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