Six-Pack Abs with Vaser HD Liposuction

Six-Pack Abs with Vaser HD Liposuction

Six-Pack Abs with Vaser HD Liposuction

Six-Pack Abs

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending months or even years working out but despite these efforts, you just can’t seem to shed that last bit of stubborn abdominal fat or love handles to get those six-pack abs.

Quite often, patients come to me with this very problem. They hope for a procedure that can finally make their underlying muscle or “six-pack” visible.

Well, the answer to this problem is VASER High Definition Liposuction, a revolutionary procedure that works by selectively removing small deposits of fat surrounding specific muscle groups to enhance the visibility of the natural muscle contours underneath. This technique requires the precision removal of the superficial and deep fat layers surrounding the muscles to enhance the underlying musculature and achieve well-defined or “ripped” six-pack abs. To ensure the very best results it is imperative that your surgeon possesses an expert understanding of the underlying muscle anatomy, as well as, an artistic eye.

Traditional Liposuction

Until recently, traditional liposuction did not allow surgeons to remove and properly contour the superficial fat layers, thereby, hindering their ability to micro-etch muscle definition. However, with the latest innovations of VASER HD Liposuction, like the ultrasonic emulsification of fat and a rotating cannula, an experienced surgeon can literally “rip” your abdomen and narrow your waistline like never before. 

Pictured: a cannula used to contour the superficial fat layers for a highly-defined “etched” result.

Rectus Muscles

The rectus muscles are a vertically oriented pair of muscles that are thick and broad. They extend from the rib cage down to the pubic bone. A long, thin ligament called the lines alba separates the muscles in the middle. The lines alba extends vertically along the length of the muscles and is most noticeable above the belly button.

Tendinous attachments oriented horizontally tailor these muscles and create the horizontal definition lines which we call the “Six-Pack.”

Laterally, they are bordered by the external oblique, a set of muscles oriented obliquely. The junction of the external obliques and the rectus muscles creates another important definition line, called the semilunaris line. This is a gently curved line that extends from below the nipple/areola down to the lateral pubic bone region.

The latissimus is a triangular-shaped sheet muscle that extends from the back of the upper arms to the lower middle of the back forming most of the upper lateral definition of the back. The erector spine muscles extend from the spine. They occupy the space between the two lat muscles along the midline spine

Contouring The Lower Back

When contouring the lower back, the surgeon must consider the anatomy of the buttocks. The large iliac bones mostly shape the buttocks. The large gluteus muscles determine the majority of the central buttocks contour. The gluteus maximus muscle provides the largest bulk to the buttocks cheeks. Moreover, it extends from the buttocks midline down and laterally to attach to the upper leg bone prominence called the greater trochanter.

Of note, this lateral attachment region of the gluteus muscle can cause a buttocks cheek dimple that might be desirable to patients who want an athletic appearance, but it may not be ideal for patients who are hoping to achieve a more plump, or “bubble butt” appearance

Dr. Laguna is an experienced VASER Hi-Def Liposculpture surgeon and certified trainer who is highly skilled at creating a muscular and athletic appearance in both men and women. In order to determine if you are a good candidate for this specialized procedure or to find out more information regarding six pack abs or other procedures, please schedule a FREE consultation.


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