Patient 1

35 year old female mother from Orange County 2 months following open rhinoplasty. Patient’s “platypus” nasal tip has been corrected into a refined yet non-operated look. Following rhinoplasty, patient has noted not only improvement in her nasal appearance but improvement in her overall facial balance and aesthetics.

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Dr. Mowlavi specializes in Rhinoplasty surgery at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute. If you are looking to improve your nasal appearance, you should consider consulting Dr. Mowlavi in order to determine which procedure would be appropriate for you. If you are concerned about the appearance of the upper two thirds of your nose, such as eliminating a nasal dorsal hump, reducing the width of your nasal dorsum or fixing a nasal deformity, then Closed Rhinoplasty is an ideal option. If you are concerned about your nasal tip shape and/or position, regardless of your nasal dorsum, then Open Rhinoplasty should be your first nasal surgical option. Review our patient before-and-after photographs below to see the wonderful results.


Patient 2

 23 year old female student from Irvine 6 months following open rhinoplasty as well as submucous resection of deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. Patient had correction of severe nasal deformity with significant nasal dorsal deviation and nasal tip droop resulting in difficulty breathing. Upward rotation of patient’s nasal tip has allowed for correction of her nasal tip droop which has improved not only her appearance but also breathing.

Patient 3

28 year old female open Rhinoplasty to correct nasal dorsal hump and irregularity, as well as nasal tip highlight and position.

Patient 4

29 year old Hispanic female 6 months following open Rhinoplasty to correct bulbous nasal tip, constricted nasal dorsum, and nasal imbalance. Patient now enjoys a more balanced nasal tip and nasal dorum aesthetics following upward rotation and support of nasal tip.

Patient 5

14 year old female 1 month post-op following a closed rhinoplasty.

Patient 6

17 year old female crooked nose deformity incurred during soccer. status post rhinoplasty, septoplasty, turbinectomy.

Patient 7

22 year old female status post endonasal rhinoplasty and septal resection and inferior turbinate hypertrophy.

Patient 8

18 year old female student from Laguna Hills 2 months following open rhinoplasty to improve nasal contour appearance and nasal tip definition. Patient felt that her nose looked like a “sausage” and lacked any highlights. Patient now enjoys her new look following nasal dorsal reduction, nasal bridge narrowing, and a nasal tip refining. Please note improvements in nasal appearance that is natural and non-operated in appearance.

Patient 9

17 year old male crooked nose deformity incurred during soccer. status post rhinoplasty, septoplasty, turbinectomy.

Patient 10

24 year old female 2 month post-op following a closed rhinoplasty to correct crooked nose deformity.

How Much Does Nose Surgery Cost?

The average cost of a closed rhinoplasty is approximately $5,999. The average cost of open rhinoplasty surgery is $7,999. These prices are comprehensive and include surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, as well as, operating room costs. These prices are only an estimation. Please schedule a complimentary consultation with Orange County’s top rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Mowlavi to receive an accurate cost for your rhinoplasty.