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Rib Grafting: Yours or Someone Else?

Rib Grafting: Yours or Someone Else?

Rib grafting has become the mainstay of the repair method for patients who have:

1) Low nasal dorsum requiring augmentation
2) Collapsed nasal dorsum from loss of septal support following rhinoplasty
3) “Ski sloped” nasal dorsum following over-resection of the dorsum during rhinoplasty
4) Infected or extruding silicone grafts requiring removal and replacement
5) “Polly beak” deformity resulting from poor nasal tip support during rhinoplasty

The reason rib cartilage is preferred is that volume of cartilage required to fix the nasal dorsum deformities is generous and not obtainable from anywhere else on your body. The second reason to consider rib graft is that the nasal tip requires a firm and strong graft material that can withstand the force required to project the tip. However, after rhinoplasty, the septum has already been harvested, making this local cartilage donor site alternative not available.

The thought of having to remove a piece of cartilage from your ribs may be frightening! Fortunately, we now have an alternative rib graft that comes from organ donors. We freeze treat this rib cartilage, therefore removing all reactive elements and making it a safe alternative to having to harvest your own rib. Also, avoiding harvest of your rib will save you unnecessary discomfort as well as reduce your operative time, both of which works in your favor.

Please contact our office for more information regarding this most recent alternative using cadaver cartilage graft material and how it can benefit you. Also, Dr. Laguna performs virtual consultations throughout the week for patients that are unable to make it to his Laguna Beach office. Dr. Laguna performs these virtual consultations for rib grafting via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google Duo or Instagram

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