How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

What Determines Rhinoplasty Cost?

The rhinoplasty cost is based on how long your surgery will take. As such, the complexity of your nasal deformity and whether you will require an open versus closed rhinoplasty determines the length of your nasal surgery. Dr. Mowalvi utilizes two approaches for nasal contouring and these include the closed versus open rhinoplasty techniques. The closed rhinoplasty approach requires two separate incisions that are made inside each of the nares in a semicircular pattern which are placed at the junction of the middle and lower 1/3rd of the nose (called the [intercartilagenous] incision). These two incisions allow access to the upper and middle 2/3rd of the nose. As such, the nasal tip; or lower 1/3rd of the nose, is not accessible and not alterable by virtue of this incision placement.

In contrast, an open rhinoplasty procedure utilizes a modified form of the closed rhinoplasty incisions (lower [marginal] incision) which are then connected across the lower aspect of the external nose, called the columella. By utilizing lower and connecting incisions, we can lift the entire nasal skin envelope so that we can alter the entire nose including the tip.

To summarize, the closed rhinoplasty procedure allows Dr. Mowlavi to fix the upper 2/3rd of the nose so that he can eliminate a dorsal hump, narrow a widened nasal dorsum, or reduce a crooked nose.

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In contrast, the open rhinoplasty allows Dr. Mowlavi to address both the above nasal dorsum concerns as well as alter the nasal tip shape and position.

Why Open Rhinoplasty Isn’t for Everyone

You might wonder why we don’t use the open rhinoplasty approach for everybody since it allows for entire nose contouring. The reason for not utilizing this approach is multifold. First, the open rhinoplasty requires substantially longer operative times as it requires:

1) increased dissection duration (since you are exposing the entire nose,

2) extensive structural supporting maneuvers of the nasal tip, and

3) prolonged closure time.

Longer operative times translate to increased financial constraints on you since surgical prices are dependent on operative duration. Which rhinoplasty procedure is best for your depends on what you don’t like about your nose which you will share with Dr. Mowlavi at your first consultation.

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