Dermal Fillers are a great treatment for “turning back the hands of time.” But, when it comes to using fillers for the face, there is a superior type and technique that you should be aware of. During their consultation, many of my patients complain about the symptoms of facial aging, particularly the nasolabial folds, commonly known as smile or “laugh lines.” Contrary to common terminology, this region is not a “line” or wrinkle which can just be filled. It is actually a skin fold and must be treated accordingly.

First, let me start by explaining why the nasolabial fold has become deepened to the point of visible changes to your appearance. With aging, the mid cheek skin and tissue has lost volume and begun to fall and is drooping over the fold causing visible “laugh lines.” The reason why your cheek skin falls is due to a loss of fat volume over the mid cheek region and, like a deflated ball, there is more laxity (looseness) to the skin and underlying tissues.

Specifically, the area of volume loss characterized by flattening or even a divot of the medial cheek, which is located just next to the nasolabial fold extending down from the medial eyelid region. The medial cheek flattening or even a divot is called the nasojugal groove. Since this area is located along the maxillary bone, it is best filled by a semi-firm, yet soft filler. Our preferred brand is Radiesse. Radiesse treatment is an FDA approved dermal filler that can help to correct volume loss in the cheeks and face. This material is made of ocean coral and is safe to use with no observed allergic reactions.



Pictured above: a patient showing improvement after receiving Radiesse injection of the cheeks.

The wonderful thing about fillers is that results are seen immediately and will last up to two years. You can expect to look five to ten years younger almost immediately, with no down time. For more information and to confirm if you are a good candidate for this affordable procedure, please schedule a free consultation with Dr. Molavi, Orange County’s premiere anti-aging specialist.

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