RealSelf Top 100 Influencers of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

RealSelf Top 100 Influencers of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Laguna Real Self Top 100 Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons

Real Self has selected Dr. Arian Mowlavi as one of the top 100 influencers in cosmetic plastic surgery from amongst over 20,000 surgeons nationally. Dr. Mowlavi has been selected by Real Self for the last three consecutive years (2015, 2016 & 2017) to be recognized as one of the top 100 surgeons transforming the plastic surgery community.  Moreover, this has resulted in his induction into the Realself 100 Hall of Fame announced in October of 2018.

In addition to achieving this honorary designation, many consider Dr. Mowlavi one of the top body sculptors around the world based on his results from over 10,000 procedures. Recognized by patients internationally, Dr. Mowlavi is also a trainer to plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons across the nation.

Dr. Mowlavi founded Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute in August 2004 and has developed the most advanced and up to date high definition VASER liposuction principles and policies. Dr. Mowlavi is a trendsetter in cosmetic surgery and recognized as a presenter at national cosmetic surgery conventions and as an author of over 40 peer-reviewed plastic surgery journal publications.  Finally, people around the world recognize Dr. Mowlavi as a world-renowned body, breast, and face sculptor based on his patient outcomes and transformations.

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