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Susannah Mahdavi
Susannah M.
22:52 11 Jun 19
A week and a half out, pain has mostly subsided, and the massages are a must! Theresa hands are from god, and the staff is amazing. Patiently for results to come through, but so far it looks like I will be thrilled with my results! More reviews to come as the healing takes place!read more
Mimi Lu
Mimi L.
17:20 11 Jun 19
I felt very secure and confident from the moment that I met Dr. Mowlavi. I always have great instincts when meeting people, and it is safe to say that I was right about Dr. Mowlavi. He was very confident, reassuring, and an exceptionally skilled surgeon who really cares about his patients. I read online reviews from all doctors before choosing Dr. Mowlavi, and I am very pleased that I did. I am thankful to have received care from him and his team. I followed all of his advice for post-operative recovery, and I am now completely back to normal after only one week! Clearly I made the right decision, and I will highly recommend him to anybody who needs a plastic surgeon.read more
Val Jones
Val J.
21:25 04 Jun 19
I had a lower facial lift, with neck, and loved the results! Dr. Mowlavi and his staff prepare you completely during pre op, with all types of important information for proper healing and recovery, and following surgery the follow ups are timely and pleasant. Dr. Mowlavi did an amazing job. Not one of my friends, who didn't know of the surgery, could tell I had just had one. That was the ultimate compliment. My skin looks much younger, without looking pulled. I look natural and definitely 10 years younger. I am very pleased.read more
A Google User
A Google U.
20:23 22 May 19
I'm one month out from my Mommy Makeover and the results are already more than I could have ever wished for! After 3 kids I thought I'd never get my body back, but now I can see that it's actually going to be even better! Thank you so much to Dr. Mowlavi for your "Mowlavi MAGIC" And thank you to Claudia and James for being so helpful and responsive during this process. You guys are AWESOME!!!read more
Mollie Lazarus
Mollie L.
17:03 21 May 19
I am totally satisfied with the results of my recent neck and face lift and upper eyelid lift performed by the highly competent Dr Arian Mowlavi. I couldn't have been in better hands! I have already recommended him to several of my close fiends. I am certain to have any further procedures done by him and his talented and caring staff!read more
Frankie Pally
Frankie P.
23:19 01 May 19
It was a very, very professional atmosphere, with a friendly staff and amazing Doctor who made me feel cared for and safe. It's my first time going through a procedure like this and it wasn't at all a bad first impression. Thank you so much to Dr. Mowalvi, Jame and the rest of the staff. It was definitely a safe and quick procedure. I would recommend this place to everyone!read more
V Dolce
V D.
23:12 01 May 19
I cannot begin to tell you how much easier you have made this journey for me. Words are not adequate to thank you for all your time, expertise, and compassion. You have made me feel confident and comfortable from the first day we met and I will forever be grateful that you chose to use your talents to help patients like me. You have made an incredible difference in my life!read more
Jessleen Lopez
Jessleen L.
17:50 19 Apr 19
I had a breast reduction with Dr. Mowlavi. He and his staff walked me through everything and were very caring. They took their time with me and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole thing. I am very happy with my results and the scarring is barely noticeable and well hidden. I would recommend Dr. Mowlavi to anyone!read more
Kelly Ellis
Kelly E.
22:35 10 Apr 19
I have had microneedling/dermaplane with Jen several times and I love her and the results!! She is very professional, thorough, and gentle. I recommend her to all my friends ❤️read more
Ashley Tiscareno
Ashley T.
17:32 02 Apr 19
I had a breast implant revision with Dr. Mowlavi. He was amazing and answered all my questions. He made sure I picked the best size implants and the recovery was very smooth! The office was very prompt and available whenever I needed anything. I will definitely be back for future procedures and recommend Dr. Mowlavi to everyone!read more
Janae ONeal
Janae O.
19:31 12 Mar 19
I had a breast augmentation and VASER lipo with a BBL and a rhinoplasty. Postoperative care and recovery has been great. The entire staff is always available to answer any questions and the energy is always positive. He was always realistic about my results and I am very happy with the results. His abdominal etching and waistline narrowing is amazing!read more
17:50 05 Mar 19
I had a breast augmentation revision due to some bad scarring from a previous procedure 10 years ago. Dr. Mowlavi performed my implant replacement and now I couldn't be happier, the scarring is completely gone. Post-op care has been great, his entire office including Claudia and James were there every step of the way and calm you down throughout the process!read more
Lily Hu
Lily H.
20:31 19 Feb 19
The staff was extremely helpful and replied very quickly to all of my questions. I had a breast augmentation with implants and the results are amazing. Dr. Mowlavi was great at making sure I picked the correct implant size and I couldn't be happier. The post operative experience has been made much more comfortable with their help and medications.read more
Michael Story
Michael S.
17:42 09 Feb 19
Outstanding surgical skills and impeccable bedside manor - Dr. Mowlavi and his entire staff were thorough in communication, knowledge and professionalism in hd vaser liposuction. After many other consults with cosmetic surgeons for abdominal etching in Orange County, we found Dr. Laguna, and the results he delivered were astounding. Very pleased and highly recommend if you are searching for the right surgeon for high def lipo. He's the Dr. Oz of cosmetic surgery for sure in our opinion.read more
David Lloyd
David L.
01:59 08 Dec 18
Sarb, the business office manager, is very nice and understanding as is Dr. Mowlavi; they worked with me on a number of issues. Dr. Mowlavi is thorough in explaining the procedure and I would absolutely recommend him for rhinoplasty.read more
Maggie Cooper
Maggie C.
23:04 18 Oct 18
Staff is wonderful, doctor is professional and nice. I felt very comfortable. The anesthesiologist is thorough. I would highly recommend.
Elizabeth Lorenzo
Elizabeth L.
19:46 27 Jul 18
I had the best experience, Dr Mowlavi is very professional and really takes good care of his patients. The staff os amazing and provided me amazing customer service. I highly recommend Dr Mowlavi.read more
Paula Milliken
Paula M.
21:35 13 Jul 18
Dr. Mowlavi performed an upper blepharoplasty and fat transfer to correct a scar on my eye. I am very pleased with the results. No more upper eyelids sagging onto my eyelashes! Dr. Mowlavi and his entire team were wonderful. Claudia, the patient coordinator, was helpful in answering any questions I had and thoroughly explained pre-op and post-op instructions. Cammie and Mimi at the front desk were courteous and efficient and were prompt in returning calls. Dr. Mowlavi and James (surgical tech) genuinely cared about my treatment. Dr. Mowlavi is a very skilled and professional plastic surgeon. Overall, I had a great experience and would highly recommend him.read more
L Teran
L T.
12:05 08 Jul 18
From the initial consultation to the post operative follow ups, the doctor and staff were attentive and made me feel like I was their only client. Dr. Mowlavi has been professional, kind, caring, and compassionate, everything I needed in this very personal and intimate procedure. He sets realistic expectations and did exactly as he said he would. This has been by far the most pleasant experience-ever! If you're looking for a talented surgeon, Dr. Mowlavi, James and Claudia are the best! Thank you for giving me my liife back, Dr. Mowlavi. Having you as my surgeon was the best decision of my life.read more
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