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Rhinoplasty surgery involves improving the appearance of the nasal contour with strategically designed and meticulous surgical maneuvers. First, the nose is the central more noticeable landmark in the face; as such its aesthetic appeal is critical to creating a harmonious facial appeal. Second, the nasal structures that must be altered are fragile and intricately interwoven and dependent on each other providing not only aesthetic highlights but also functional support to the nose.

Open vs Closed
Anyone who is interested in nasal surgery should evaluate before and after results with a critical eye. Patients should focus on the nasal dorsal contour lines as well as the nasal tip refinements and positioning. Nose surgery is approached using two separate techniques, i.e. closed versus open.

For patients wishing to improve their nasal dorsal contour lines, the closed rhinoplasty provides access to modify all of the nasal components above the nasal tip in an expedited fashion saving you operative time and subsequently unnecessary fees.

For patients desiring to have their entire nasal contour improved, an open rhinoplasty is recommended which although requires a lengthier operative time, will provide comprehensive correction of the nose including the ability to refine nasal tip shape and position. A review of the before and after results below will allow you to appreciate the superior outcomes achieved by Dr. Mowlavi using both the closed and open techniques.

Rhinoplasty before and after photos – what to look for

Rhinoplasty before and after photos must be viewed with a critical eye. This is because the nose is a small organ located in the center of your face. Improving the nasal contour is one of the most technical surgeries as it involves working in a relatively small space. The nose should fit your face, as such nasal size must be appropriately proportioned. When rhinoplasty before and after photos are visualized, a successful rhinoplasty outcome will be indicative of a nose that does not catch your eyes. This means that the nose actually becomes transparent and not detracting from the beauty of your face. This criteria requires the nose to be smooth in contour and straight in alignment with the face. The nose should possess a tip position and shape that is harmonious with the rest of the nose. In women it should be faint and narrow where as in men it can be stronger and more generous in  size. The nasal dorsum should be narrow and slightly concave or be straight and slightly more domineering in men. In summary, a successful rhinoplasty requires your surgeon to create a structure that fits your face.

Before & After Photos

22 year old female status post endonasal rhinoplasty and septal resection and inferior turbinate hypertrophy.

18 year old female 2 months following open rhinoplasty to improve nasal contour appearance and nasal tip definition. Patient now enjoys her new look following nasal dorsal reduction, nasal bridge narrowing, and a nasal tip refining. Please note improvements in nasal appearance that is natural and non-operated in appearance.

23 year old female student 6 months following open rhinoplasty as well as submucous resection of deviated septum and enlarged turbinates.  Patient had correction of severe nasal deformity with significant nasal dorsal deviation and nasal tip droop resulting in difficulty breathing. Upward rotation of patient’s nasal tip has allowed for correction of her nasal tip droop which has improved not only her appearance but also breathing.

30 year old male status post bilateral turbinate reduction, submucous resection of deviated septum and closed rhinoplasty.

41 year old female status post open rhinoplasty to improve nasal tip highlights and position and to remove dorsal hump.

17 year old male crooked nose deformity incurred during soccer. Status post rhinoplasty, septoplasty, turbinectomy.

33 year old male crooked nose deformity. Status post rhinoplasty.

14 year old female 1 month post-op following a closed rhinoplasty.

24 year old female 2 month post-op following a closed rhinoplasty to correct crooked nose deformity.

43 year old male repair of crooked nose deformity injured from martial arts accident.

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