Nose Procedures

Choosing the best nasal surgeon

If you are considering undergoing nose procedures, you must choose a nose specialist. You should choose a surgeon who possesses a passion for nose surgery. In fact, Dr. Mowlavi is considered a rhinoplasty expert and author.

Dr. Mowlavi has published over a handful of peer-reviewed journal articles intended to educate surgeons in the community. Dr. Mowlavi provides both non-invasive as well as more invasive surgical nose procedure alternatives.  Nose procedures include maneuvers taken to improve your nose aesthetics as well as to improve any functional difficulty.

Functional versus Cosmetic Nasal Procedures

The nose is one of the most prominent features on our face, and misalignment or imperfections are hard to hide. If you are concerned about your nasal aesthetics and are ready to take the next step toward a more proportional, symmetrical nose with nasal tip highlights, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi. His careful evaluation and attention to detail are unmatched.

Dr. Mowlavi enjoys performing from an array of functional and cosmetic nose procedures. Functional nose procedures will help you breathe and may involve correction of a deviated septum, reduction of enlarged turbinates, or enlarging areas of constriction throughout your nose called nasal valves. Cosmetic alternatives can include both non-invasive and more invasive surgical nose procedures. Dr. Mowlavi uses a safe filler called Radiesse to effectively improve the contour of your nose, especially over the nasal dorsum.

Alternatively, Dr. Mowlavi may recommend nasal surgery using either a closed or open rhinoplasty. Finally, Dr. Mowlavi performs revision rhinoplasty for patients who have been botched. Select your desired procedure below to learn more:

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