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Facial fillers are an excellent non-invasive alternative to facial rejuvenation surgery. The secret to achieving superior outcomes as presented in facial fillers before and after results below are two fold.

First, the appropriate filler must be chosen to mimic the specific consistency of the area that is being filled. Specifically, facial areas that are adjacent bony constructs (cheeks, nose, temples, pejowls, nasolabial folds, nasojugal grooves) require a firmer filler such as Radiesse. Radiesse is a filler made of coral that has been constructed to mimic human bony material thus making it the ideal filler for these areas. In contrast, the lips which are soft in feel require a softer filler such as Juvederm UltraPlus or Restylene. These two fillers have been created to mimic the natural spongy filler soft tissue molecule in our bodies, called hyaluronic acid. It is critical that your provider choose the appropriate filler for the appropriate region.

Second, superior outcomes are achieved based on your provider's experience and artistic judgement. Both of the above considerations are critical to achieving natural yet definitive correction of your facial aging changes as demonstrated in the facial fillers before and after results below.

Facial Fillers – What to look for

Facial fillers can be used to replace lost volume in the face that occurs with natural aging. The most important advantage of facial fillers, is that the smallest volumes of correction can be accomplished with little down side such as needing to harvest larger volumes of filler material from the body such as in fat transfer. This means that patients should expect very natural results without the need to overcorrect. Avoidance of need for overcorrection should demand natural results. This means lips that are full but not “fish” like. This means cheeks that create a desirable heart shape but not like chipmunks. This means stronger jawlines that are still feminine and not masculine in appearance. In summary, facial fillers provide patients the opportunity to improve facial features in a subtle means because they can be done with little effort and in the office setting.

Before & After Photos

58 year male 1 year following Radiesse injection of bilateral nasojugal creases to rejuvenate bilateral cheeks

57-year-old female following Radiesse filler to the cheek

Female patient following fillers to the jowel region to correct contour.

33 year old female from Orange County 3 months following Radiesse injection of the nose to correct a low Radix and to complete her non-surgical nose job.

70 year old female 6 months following Radiesse filler to the nasojugal groove.

33 year old female 2 months following Juvederm Ultra-Plus injection of her upper lip.

49 year old female 2 months following Restylane injection of the upper and lower lips

26 year old female following Radiesse injection of the nose to correct upper nasal deformity as an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty.

Female patient following nonsurgical rhinoplasty using nose fillers.

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