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There are many misconceptions regarding facelift and neck lifts. The first is that a facelift and neck lift can be done independently; when we think of the face and neck we must consider that these two areas are adjacent to each other and have a common junction along the jawline. The reason that these two areas can't be independently lifted is that they are in essence one fabric and connected and one cannot be pulled without the other. Rather, if one area is more prominent than the other, this area will be pulled more aggressively than the other.

The second misconception is that a facelift or neck lift involves a pull or tuck of the skin and underlying fat only as this appears to be the layer that is sagging. Although it is true that 90% of the sagging is in this layer, the GOLD STANDARD for facelift and neck lifts is to lift the skin/fat layer with an underlying muscle lining layer called the SMAS. In fact, the SMAS is responsible for lifting 70% of the skin/fat layer. This two layer or dual plane facelift or neck lift provides multiple advantages over the Skin Only lift techniques as evident in the Facelift or neck lift before and after results demonstrated below.

These include:
1) natural, non-operated appearing outcome

2) optimally healed incisions that are hidden

3)a smooth face and neck contour void of lumpiness

4) a more comprehensive two layer pull

5) more permanent outcomes. Facelift or neck lift before and after results below will demonstrate all of these advantages.

Facelift and neck lift before and after photos – What to look for?

Facelift and neck lift before and after photographs should be evaluated not only for specific improvements but also for commonly created deformities. Expert facelift and neck lift surgeons are able to maneuver a fine line to eliminate face and neck aging changes while avoiding deformities created by an over-aggressive pull on the face and neck skin and soft tissues.

The central cheek wrinkles should be reduced while the nasolabial folds and nasojugal grooves should be improved following redraping of the sagging facial skin.  Elimination of jowls, or soft tissue swelling along the middle jawline, should also be apparent. In the neck region, you will notice a decrease in skin redundancy and soft tissue fullness located underneath the chin. Elimination of the jowling and submental neck skin will result in a more chiseled appearance of the jawline. Meanwhile, improvements should not be compromised by an unnatural or operated appearance. This side effect of facelift or neck lifts is very common and evidence of a skin-only facelift.

Commonly created deformities of facelifts are well known and result from the unnatural appearance of overly tightened facial skin. These deformities coined the windblown effect, secondary to over-tightening of the lateral eyelids, and the joker face, secondary to over-tightening of the lateral lips. Another deformity is characterized by the stuck-on appearance of the earlobes, termed the Pixie ear deformity. The Pixie ear deformity describes a loss of the hanging component of the earlobes,i.e. the stuck-on appearance. The final deformity that can result from a poorly performed, skin-only facelift or neck lift is scarring around the ear. This is why it is critical for prospective patients to evaluate surgical incision lines around the ear to ensure that facelift

Before & After Photos

61 year old female status post face and neck lift.

70 year old female status post quad blepharoplasty and face and neck lift.

68 year old female status post face lift and endoscopic brow lift.

55 year old male 3 months following face and neck lift with upper and lower eyelid surgery and alar rim grafts to the right ear.

72 year old female 6 months following Dr. Mowlavi’s Dual Plane Face and Neck Lift along with Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty resulting in an aestheticall pleasing and natural rejuvenation of her eyes, cheeks, jowls and neck line. Please note well camouflaged earlobes that are not apparent on close inspection.

51 year old female 2 months following full Face and Neck Lift and Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty. Please note well hidden incision lines that Dr. Mowlavi camouflages in and around the ear.

59 year old female 2 months following 2 layered Face and Neck Lift, along with a quad blepharoplsty. Patient demonstrates natural rejuvenation and complete avoidance of the operated look.

65 year old female 4 months following extended SMAS Face and Neck Lift. Patient is enjoying her rejuvenated face and jawline appearance. Her jowls have been elimiated and her utilizing Dr. Mowlavi’s earlobe in-setting techniques, she now enjoys naturally appearing and aesthetically pleasing earlobes with she did not have.

72 year old female 1 year following extended face and neck lift as well as upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Patient is ecstatic as she feels 15 year younger and receives compliments daily.

62 year old male 6 months following extended SMAS Facelift surgery. Patient admitted to never having any neck definition throughout his adult years and this was worsened by the aging signs of skin redundancy.

59 year old male 3 months following full Face and Neck Lift and Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty. Patient demonstrates no distortion of his sideburn and hairline and correction of his earlobes which are more natural in appearance.

61 year old female status post quad blepharoplasty and face and neck lift.

56 year old female from following Dual Plane Facelift and Endoscopic Browlift. Please note improvement in upper face and eyes.

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