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Post bariatric patients undergo dramatic weight loss typically involving a 100 pounds or more and subsequently struggle with accumulation of moderate to severe skin redundancy. The accumulation of redundant skin can cause not only aesthetic concerns but also functional constraints.

Areas that are prone to developing skin redundancy include the upper arms, breasts, abdomen, medial thighs, lateral thighs, upper back, lower back, flanks, and buttocks. Unique body lift or tucking procedures have been designed to address each of the above regions and include: brachioplasty, breast lift, tummy tuck, medial thigh tuck, lateral thigh tuck, upper body lift, lower body lift, and Brazilian buttocks lift respectively. Patients who may be considering a lift or tucking procedure are encouraged to review the post bariatric body lifts before and after results below.

A total body lift can be customized to allow for a combination of the above procedures to be performed simultaneously. A consultation with Dr. Mowlavi will allow you to tailor a unique plan to help you achieve the transformation you desire.

Post bariatric body lift – What to look for

Post bariatric body lift before and after photos should demonstrate comprehensive elimination of skin redundancies throughout. This is because most post bariatric patients require elimination of skin redundancy throughout their body. Areas of concern can include the breasts, the armpit region, the arms, the abdomen, the entire back, the flanks, the buttocks, the inner thighs, and outer thighs. When appropriate, all of these areas can be treated in a single or staged fashion resulting in dramatic transformations. This transformation is called a total body lift and refers to the treatment  of the entire or nearly all of the body. When treating multiple areas, it is more effective to view post bariatric body lift before and after photos from far away. Prospective patients should evaluate the entire patient as a whole expecting all body parts to be well proportioned and possess aesthetically pleasing and smooth contour lines

Before & After Photos

46 year old female 3 months following All in One Total Body Lift involving lower body lift, medial thigh tuck, breast lift with augmentation, upper body lift, and abdominoplasty. Please note dramatic improvement back, buttocks, and flank contour.

54 year old female 6 months following bilateral breast lift and implant augmentation, full abdominoplasty with muscle plication, and medial thigh tuck to complete her skin reduction surgery and final transformation.

62 year old male 6 months following bilateral upper body lift with extension to adjust infra-mammary crease displacement.

39 year old female status post total body lift including brachioplasty, breast lift with implant augmentation, full tummy tuck.

47 year old female following post bariatric surgery involving lower body lift, upper body lift, bilateral breast lift with augmentation, and abdominoplasty. Please note total body contour following total body lift resulting in improvement especially of the lower back and buttocks region.

47 year old female 6 months following full tummy tuck with muscle plication to correct abdominal contour changes following weight gain and loss.

45 year old female 6 months following abdominoplasty with muscle plication to eliminate severe skin redundancy of the abdomen that resulted following weight loss after bariatric surgery.

42 year old female following full abdominoplasty with muscle plication to remove unwanted abdominal skin resulting from gastric bypass surgery.

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If you are considering cosmetic surgery, a superior surgical plan must take into account your vision and your expectations. To understand the value of a customized approach, you need to book a consultation.

When Dr. Mowlavi meets with you to learn about your needs, he’ll explain his propriety breast lift technique that ensures you get the best possible result. Once he knows your precise surgical needs and which implants are perfect for you, he can determine the cost of your procedure and give you a quote.

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