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Breast Lift with Implants Featured Patient

29 year old female 3 months following bilateral breast lift with augmentation with 270cc implant on the left and 240 cc implant on the right to correct moderate nipple areola sagging and asymmetry. Patient has noted improved fitting into her bras and improved breast to tummy proportion.

Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Natrelle™

focuses on improving breast appearance for patients who may be experiencing any one of the concerns below:

  • Patients who have noticed slight drooping of their breast due to the natural aging process.
  • Patients who have noticed a loss of volume and drooping of their breasts following pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Patients who have noticed a loss of volume and drooping of their breasts following weight loss.
  • Patients who have previously undergone breast augmentation and who have noticed dropping of their breasts mounds off of their breast implants.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mowlavi, located in beautiful Newport Beach, Orange County is considered an expert of synchronous breast lift and augmentation and has developed Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation NatrelleTM to ensure that each patient attains their maximum potential following simultaneous breast lift and augmentation surgery. Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Natrelle™ optimizes all aspects of your breast augmentation experience including your initial confidential consultation, an anxiety-free operation, comfortable postoperative recovery, a speedy return to full activity, and long term results.

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to convey to him exactly what your concerns are and for you and Dr. Mowlavi to set your personal goals. Dr. Mowlavi will complete a thorough history and physical, which will ensure your optimum results. Dr. Mowlavi will examine your breasts and take detailed notes and measurement to ensure optimum breast lift with implant augmentation results.

Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Examination

Factors taken into account are:

  • Breast mound size and any asymmetry
  • Nipple-areola complex positioning and any asymmetry
  • Medial cleavage fullness or lack of
  • Lateral breast mound concavity
  • Inframammary crease positioning and any asymmetry
  • Breast mound diameter and chest wall width
  • Nipple-areola complex to inframammary crease distance and any asymmetry
  • Breast skin and soft tissue thickness
  • Pectoralis muscle tone and asymmetry

You will then enjoy trying on a full array of breast implant sizes so that you can actually see and feel the look that you are going for. As part of your Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Natrelle™ experience, Dr. Mowlavi and your patient coordinator will spend ample time detailing to you the preoperative planning and preparation that you will require, your operative course and plan, and your postoperative recovery and expectations. These steps are critical to ensuring optimum breast augmentation results.

Preoperative Planning for a Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation

  • Arranging for time off of work during your recovery period.
  • Preparing meals and routine daily needs ahead of time.
  • To wash with antimicrobial soap starting 4 days prior to surgery.
  • Providing anti-anxiety medications on the night prior to as well as on the day of surgery.
  • Planning for a responsible adult to accompany you to and from surgery and for the first 72 hours following surgery.

Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Natrelle™

focuses on several operative measures

  • Use of only FDA approved breast implants made by Mentor and/or Allergan Corporation to ensure the longevity of your implants.
  • Provide perioperative antibiotics through your IV to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Utilize extended surgical drapes to ensure sterility throughout your case.
  • Utilize nipple areola shields in order to avoid contamination of your implants from endogenous bacteria that normally live within the breast glands.
  • Use of a bi-planar surgical technique in order to allow for correction of slight nipple areola and/or breast mound asymmetry.
  • Use of anatomic landmarks for pectoralis muscle release in order to ensure the symmetric release of muscles and subsequent symmetry of proposed breast implants pocket position.
  • Use of non-powdered gloves and subsequently irrigating gloves with antibiotics solution to avoid all irritants that could cause capsular contracture.
  • Use of antibiotic solution to irrigate the surgical breast pocket and breast implants in addition to the surgeon’s gloves to minimize risk of infection.
  • Use of minimal touch technique when handling breast implants prior to implantation.
  • Use of sterile breast implant sizes prior to committing you to your final breast implant.
  • Maintaining an array of breast implant sizes and shapes on consignment at our surgery center so that adjustments in size can be considered during your operation should unexpected intraoperative findings be made.
  • Placement of specialized breast garment, i.e. breast band, which maximizes maintenance of breast implant position and avoid implant malposition.

Finally, Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Natrelle™ focuses on providing you a comfortable immediate postoperative period, speedy recovery, and long-lasting results.

  • Use of long lasting numbing solution instilled into your breast pocket prior to closing your incision lines so that you have a comfortable immediate postoperative recovery.
  • Provide you with superior grade anesthetic medications during your surgery in order to avoid postoperative nausea and grogginess.
  • Provide you with generous bandages and garments that won’t have to be replaced until you dispense with them at your first postoperative visit.
  • Educate you and train you to perform breast massage exercises, which will minimize the incidence of scar tissue formation, i.e. capsular contracture, and ensure long-term aesthetically pleasing breast shape.

Surgical Technique

Combining breast lift and augmentation surgeries is a mainstay of Newport Beach, Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mowlavi’s breast surgery expertise. Dr. Mowlavi has developed Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Natrelle™ to specifically meet the needs of patients who have developed breast and nipple areola droop in addition to having lost volume. Dr. Mowlavi has modified current breast lift and breast augmentation techniques in order to allow correction of both deflated and droopy breasts in a single session, thus being termed: Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation.

Dr. Laguna has modified the conventional vertical breast lift technique in order to make it conducive and safe to have a breast lift with implant augmentation performed at the same time with include:

  • Differential nipple areola transposition
  • Symmetric submuscular breast implant pocket positioning
  • Differential medial and lateral breast mound tailoring
  • Secondary in-setting of the nipple-areola complex
  • Surgical incision line maintenance and scar prevention

Differential Nipple-Areola Transposition

Differential Nipple-Areola Transposition during a Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Procedure

Traditional vertical breast lift techniques describe transposing the nipple areola to a higher, more attractive position. However, the optimal nipple areola position has not been standardized; instead, Newport Beach, Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mowlavi utilizes several parameters to individualize the ideal nipple position for you. Previous descriptions have advocated positioning of your nipple areola at or just above your inframammary crease line. Dr. Mowlavi has modified this criterion based on your chest to torso height ratio. If you possess a generous chest height then you will be more apt to tolerate a higher nipple areola position; in contrast, if you have a short chest height, the nipple is placed closer to the inframammary crease line. In addition, Dr. Mowlavi has modified conventional breast lift techniques to allow for centralization of the nipple-areola when it points out (lateralized on your breast). This modification allows for the nipple-areola complex to be brought to the middle of your breast mound thus providing you cosmetically superior breast appearance.

Symmetric Submuscular Breast Implant Pocket Positioning

Following simultaneous breast lift and augmentation, providing symmetrical breast mound positions remains the mainstay of patient satisfaction. As such, Newport Beach, Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mowlavi has developed anatomic landmarks that he utilizes to accurately release the pectoralis muscle when creating your breast implant pocket. In order to fit the breast implant into its appropriate pocket, the pectoralis muscle must be released from its attachments to the sternum. When performing this portion of the surgery, Dr. Mowlavi utilizes specific landmarks in order to ensure the accurate and symmetric release of the muscle, thus ensuring symmetrically positioned breast implants, and subsequently aesthetically pleasing breast mounds.

Differential medial and lateral breast mound tailoring during a Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Procedure

Following transposition of your nipple areola complex to the center of your breast mound and following placement of your breast implant, the surgeon has to tailor the excess, undesired, and drooping breast skin and soft tissues. Newport Beach, Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mowlavi has developed a technique of differentially removing these unwanted tissues from the medial and lateral breast tissues. Dr. Mowlavi independently redrapes, trims and secures each half (medial and lateral breast mound) in order to more effectively tailor your final breast appearance. Differential medial and lateral breast skin mound tailoring allows Dr. Mowlavi to not only obtain cosmetically superior breast mound appearance but also allows him to obtain better symmetry between the two breast mounds.

Secondary in the Setting of the Nipple-areola Complex

Since the nipple and areola complex is positioned in the center of your breast, Newport Beach, Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mowlavi feels that its appearance is just as critical as the shape of and symmetry of your breast mounds. As such, Dr. Mowlavi has modified traditional in the setting of the nipple areola complex. Traditionally, the nipple-areola complex creation is the final step of a breast lift procedure. Creation of the nipple-areola complex involves delivering the nipple and areola complex at the center of the mound and sewing it to the adjacent breast mound skin. Dr. Mowlavi has observed that the shape of the nipple-areola complex is affected by the differential pull of the breast mound skin. For example, it is common to have looser upper lateral breast skin when compared to the medial breast skin even following a breast lift. Having looser skin over this region will result in the breast skin giving out and thus the upper lateral areola pulling medially thus distorting the areola shape from an ideal circular shape. As such, Dr. Mowlavi performs his initial nipple areola in-setting towards the middle of surgery, so that the variable pull of the breast skin on the areola can settle; towards the end of the surgery, Dr. Mowlavi performs a secondary in-setting of the nipple-areola complex to ensure a circular shaped areola.

Surgical Incision Line Maintenance and Scar Prevention

Dr. Mowlavi and his staff are committed to providing you optimum healing of all surgical incision lines from your Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation procedure, so that you can enjoy not only aesthetically shaped breast mounds but also aesthetically appearing breasts when not covered by undergarment wear. Dr. Mowlavi has developed a scar prevention program that spans from the preoperative to perioperative and postoperative periods. Surgical incision line management starts with the placement of patients on preoperative/perioperative antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. In addition, Dr. Mowlavi advocates washing of the breasts with a specialized antimicrobial soap for four days prior to surgery. Also, Dr. Mowlavi advocates a high protein diet to ensure optimum healing of surgical incision lines following surgery.

During your operation, Dr. Mowlavi repairs all incision lines in two to three layers in order to remove unwanted tension off of the surgical incision lines. Furthermore, all suture layers are performed internally in order to avoid all external stitches that can result in “hash” marks, i.e. railroad tracking when left in place for more than 10 days. In fact, Dr. Mowlavi utilizes sutures, which remain in place for three months prior to being self-absorbed. Instead of external sutures, Dr. Mowlavi utilizes a specialized medical grade adhesive and medical tape, called Steri-Strips, to further reinforce the surgical incision line.

Finally, Dr. Mowlavi encourages an aggressive postoperative scar prevention program, which includes: maintenance of surgical tapes for one month, followed by Biocorneum silicone gel application to incision lines daily. The staff at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute is devoted to ensuring well-healed surgical incision lines and will provide you further armamentarium when required.

Over the last few years, we have become as appreciative of the buttocks aesthetics as we have been of our breasts. Undeniably, the desirable female silhouette is defined as much by perky and robust breasts as it is by a tight waistline and well-balanced and prominent buttocks contour. Therefore many patients, who are considering breast surgery, are now also considering undergoing Newport Beach Buttocks Augmentation Surgery.

Natrelle™ is a trademark of Allergan Corporation.

Breast Lift with Implants Results

41 year old African American female 2 months following bilateral breast lift and augmentation surgery with 360cc silicone gel implants that have transformed her breasts with appropriate nipple areola positioning, significant increase in her breast volume and breast mound fullness.
18 year old female 3 months following bilateral breast augmentation to correct breast asymmetry using two variable sized and shaped implants 300 cc on the right and 425cc on the left and right breast lift to achieve breast harmony and symmetry.
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FAQ Breast Lift with Implants

Can a breast reduction and a lift with a small implant be done in 1 procedure? 2020-05-29T15:36:39-07:00

 Breast reduction and implant placement staged?

I have a concern about your desire. If you are getting a reduction, then this means that you should have enough of your own tissue to get the results you want. No reason to cut out your own tissues just to replace with a foreign implant. I would urge you to read more about these surgeries prior to proceeding with surgery.

0/5 (0 Reviews)
Thoughts on breast lift with argumentation before kids?2020-05-29T15:35:57-07:00

Breast lift and augmentation

if you are married and not needing to perfect your breasts aesthetics to find a man, i would definitely wait to get your breasts done since after children you will likely have to redo them; if money is not an issue, by all means proceed with your breast imrprovement surgery; also, you must consider that you may not be able to breast feed by virtue of having a lift; please choose a surgeon with lots of before and after results that you like.

0/5 (0 Reviews)
What are the pros and cons of removing all breast tissue when doing a lift? 2020-05-29T15:35:08-07:00

Breast lift and removing all of your tissue?

I think you may be a little confused regarding a lift procedure. In fact, in a lift procedure you don’t have to remove any tissue at all; this means that you can get a lift and keep all of your tissues minus maybe 10 grams of skin tissue; now if you want to be bigger than you are now, then you can add an implant to the equation.

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Can you damage breast lift w/implant a year after surgery through physical activity?2020-05-29T15:34:03-07:00

Breast lift ruined

Breast lift results should not be ruined with physical activity; if you have asymmetry that was not there right after surgery, it is likely that one of your breasts may have bottomed out

0/5 (0 Reviews)
How long after first BA can i get bigger implants?2020-05-29T15:33:14-07:00

How big can you go?

The limiting determination of how large of an implant that you can go is your nipple to crease distance; the longer you wait, this distance will stretch and allow you to go bigger without having your breast mounds look like eggplants! You want your nipples in the center of your implant and breast mound, so the radius of your implant must match your crease to nipple distance; allow your breasts to bottom out over the first six months, and then you can maximize your implant size.


0/5 (0 Reviews)
How close to goal weight do I need to be for a breast lift with implants?2020-05-29T15:32:20-07:00

Breast lift with aug and trying to lose weight

Weight loss under 20 pounds should not make any appreciable difference in your breast shape/size; If you are going to lose 30 to 50 pounds though, you may want to wait.

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What is areola spreading? Would a benelli breast lift be more efficient with larger nipples? 2020-05-29T15:31:41-07:00

Areola spreading

Areola spreading refers to poor scarring that is observed after a Benelli Lift; instead, you should consider a vertical mastopexy with implant augmentation. This provides the best lift and least areola spreading.


0/5 (0 Reviews)
Would drinking a glass of wine 3-4 days before my surgery date be determinal to my procedure? 2020-05-29T15:30:45-07:00

Wine 3 to 4 days before surgery

You are not going to be affected adversely by having a 2 drinks three to four days prior to surgery. Just don’t be irresponsible and get drunk in the pre-surgical period.

0/5 (0 Reviews)
Can you get nipple necrosis 4 weeks post-BA + lift?  2020-05-29T15:28:50-07:00

 Nipple necrosis

Nipple necrosis can occur following a lift procedure due to interruptions in vascularity. At four weeks, not possible to get a spontaneous necrosis of your nipple. You should see your surgeon if you are concerned about necrosis.

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Should I get crescent lift with augmentation?2020-05-29T15:26:47-07:00

Crescent lift or not?

Crescent lift is a horrible lift; please consider a breast lift with augmentation using a vertical mastopexy technique that minimizes per-areolar scarring. This is the gold standard technique at this time in breast surgery. 

0/5 (0 Reviews)
Is getting a different profile expensive?2020-05-29T15:26:08-07:00

Changing profiles

Changing profiles is not any more expensive; in fact, the round high profile is likely a cheaper implant than the teardrop. Price of surgery should be less as well as long as your pocket (implant) positions are symmetric and don’t require altering.

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Can I do a breast lift/breast lift with augmentation more than once? Will I get the same results the second time? 2020-05-29T15:19:40-07:00

Breast lift with implant augmentation multiple times

you can do breast lift with implant augmentation revision multiple times; each time you will be able to move your nipple position up by 5 to 6 cm safely. It is wise to wait at least six months before each breast lift. How much you will droop after pregnancy and/or breast feeding is  variable so time will tell; it depends on baby’s weight, how full your breasts become, and how much they deflate after breast feeding

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Nipple grafting on uplift is it safe?2020-05-29T15:18:34-07:00

A breast lift with nipple grafting?

I highly urge you to avoid nipple grafting which will result in loss of areola and nipple pigmentation, unnecessary scarring, and poor aesthetic results. The beast lift with implants is the vertical mastopexy.

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What is a double bubble and could it be fixed with fat grafting vs a more invasive surgery?2020-05-29T15:17:19-07:00

Double bubble

Double bubble is created when you release the inframammary crease; this should be avoided in general when performing primary breast augmentation; at this time, your options are to have fat grafting which may correct your deformity as long as the skin is not contracted; if this does not work, then you will require another breast lift to lift your mound so that this area of contraction can be excised.

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Breast lift and augmentation. Is it typical for a lift to be performed prior to the augmentation?2020-05-29T15:17:55-07:00

Breast lift prior to augmentation

no the breast lift and implant augmentation should be performed at the same time in general. the only exception is if your nipple needs to be raised more than 6 cm , which will forbid you from performing the proper lift, called the vertical mastopexy, at the time of your augmentation.

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