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Braziilian Butt Lift revisions require attention to detail, an artistic eye, and expertise in removing, processing, and transferring fat cells. All attempts must be made to optimize steps involved in fat transfer that may have potentially failed during the first BBL surgery. Ultrasound assisted liposuction should be utilized to optimize fat volume retrieval and fat cell viability.

In addition, using the buttocks assessment tool and evaluation of available fat reserves, Dr. Laguna is able to hone in on your desired buttock goals in order to avoid miscommunication. Finally, strategically sound surgical plan including consideration for skin tightening and/or excision must be made in order to ensure your buttock augmentation journey is successful.

BBL revision before and after photos – What to look for

BBL revision before and after photos should demonstrate improvement in overall buttock shape and harmony in buttock to waist size that are proportional and aesthetically pleasing. Transitions from the buttock to the lateral thighs below and the lower back and flanks above should be smooth. Any buttock cheek and posterior thigh dimples and skin irregularities should be improved in appearance. Although, general buttock shape and size standards do exist, unique preferences have been observed by patients throughout. At our centers, we utilize the Brazilian buttock assessment tool to help guide unique buttock size and shape preferences. This tool can be accessed for your use so that you can hone in on the buttock size and shape that you are desiring.

Before & After Photos

A 35 year-old female following BBL revision by re-positioning prominence of buttock from the lower pole to the middle pole, thus transforming her from a heart shape to a peach shaped buttock.

A 35-year-old female following BBL revision to re-position the buttock prominence from the upper lateral to the mid-butt to correct shelf deformity, thus transforming her square buttock to a rounded buttock.

A 40-year-old female following butt implant removal and BBL to correct her prior unnatural appearance.

A 38-year-old female following BBL revision with correction of moderate skin redundancy leading to the cellulite appearance in the buttock and thigh.

A 36-year-old female following BBL revision to improve overall symmetry and provide more lateral butt fullness while eliminating any excess skin redundancy

A 41-year-old female after lateral thigh and buttock tuck to correct lower butt, mid butt and posterior thigh cellulite. Patient demonstrates improved posterior thigh and buttock contour by elimination of moderate to severe skin redundancy.

30-year-old female following BBL revision to increase her waist to butt ratio and create a smooth transition between a narrowed waistline and rounded buttock.

A 29-year-old female following a lateral thigh and buttock tuck to eliminate moderate to severe skin redundancy of the posterior thighs and butt.

38 year old following BBL revision to improve fat transfer in the mid buttock, lateral hip region.

A 63-year-old female following BBL revision to reduce the total buttock volume to create a smaller, rounder buttock.

Here is a 44-year-old female following BBL revision to achieve her ideal shape and size.

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