Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Can Determine What's Possible for You

Plastic surgery before and after photos allow patients to determine what results are possible. These photos can help them appreciate what they will look like after their desired procedure. Lastly,  it is part of making an informed decision before choosing a qualified plastic surgeon.

An experienced plastic surgeon with numerous before and after photos demonstrates that they are an expert by the sheer number or volume of cases performed. Furthermore, patients should be able to view multiple angles. By observing a 360-degree view of the results, patients will better appreciate the surgeon who is thorough with their sculpting abilities.

A Critical Eye

Pay close attention to the actual details in the before and after photos. The terminology we teach our patients is to “Judge the Photos with a Critical Eye.” Patients will quickly realize that it’s not enough for the post-procedure picture to be presented smaller than the pre-procedure picture. Before and after photos, the sizing of plastic surgery can be manipulated and is often not indicative of improvements following a body contouring procedure. 

Patients should also observe contour lines and aesthetic curves created by the surgeon and changes in lighting that can be used to create the illusion of improvements. For example - a more exposed or brighter lighting photograph can hide wrinkles, making a patient’s facelift result look better than it really is. 


In summary, plastic surgeons need to be consistent with the presentation of before and after photos to help patients decide to choose the right plastic surgeon.

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