Optimizing Male Chest Appearance – Creating the Armor Plate

Optimizing Male Chest Appearance – Creating the Armor Plate

Optimizing Male Chest Appearance – Creating the Armor Plate

Introduction to Male Chest Enhancement

Optimizing male chest appearance requires an appreciation of the ideal chest aesthetics and a sound strategic plan to achieve the ultimate masculine appearance. Moreover, an armor plate appearance describes the ideal masculine chest. As such, this appearance describes a flat, yet bold chest with straight lines and a pentagonal shape seen below.

The chest denotes strength by virtue of a dominant armor plate chest appearance. This appearance comes from the contrast on the more sleek lower abdomen. Furthermore, a flat yet bold contour created by straight lines and strong borders depicts this masculinized appearance.

High definition liposuction of the chest can be optimized by following guidelines that attempt to accentuate the above pentagonal shape with straight yet prominent border lines. Specifically, the surgical algorithm has been simplified using notations of “+” where fat is added, ” – ” where fat is to be removed, and “0” where no manipulation is required


Intramuscular Fat Grafting (+)

  • Lateral oblique line
  • Inferior horizontal line
  • Medial oblique line
  • Medial vertical line

Fat Reduction (-)

  • Periareolar tissue which includes a combination of discoid and fatty tissue removal
  • Axilla
    • “0” zone (Requiring no manipulation)
      • Infraclavicular triangle – keep as concavity
      • Upper medial central – usually flat – keep as such

Accentuating bold, straight lines around the periphery of the chest requires liposuction. Male chest HD Liposuction techniques include:

  • Creating an infra-pectoral groove, upper aspect of upper rectus belly which accentuates the inferior line
  • Defining the sternal line centrally which accentuates the medial oblique and vertical lines
  • Coring out the lateral chest armpit area which accentuates the lateral oblique line

We present intra-operative techniques using the above guidelines and case studies demonstrating superior male chest contouring. If you are interested in optimizing your male chest appearance, please request a free consultation TODAY!

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