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Most Expensive Brazilian Buttocks Lift

brazilian buttocks lift
Pictured above: Female buttocks shaping zones

The most expensive Brazilian Buttocks lift can be yours for a mere $25,000.

This surgery will include total removal of fat from the entire upper, middle, and lower back, posterior armpit/axilla, lateral flanks, lateral thighs, and medial thighs. Contouring all of the above areas results in optimizing the frame around the buttocks properly. It also allows for maximum fat harvest for a butt augmentation with fat transfer. VASER technology allows for the harvesting of fat comprehensively from all fat pockets including the superficial, middle, and deep planes.

Phase 2

The second phase includes optimizing fat preparation. In order to minimize the risk of fat contamination, we use a closed-loop system for fat collection. This ensures that there is no external air exposure to fat cells. In addition, we bathe the fat cells in an antibiotic solution to minimize any risk of bacterial infection. The fat cells are then isolated from the body and tumescent fluids using the proprietary Pure Graft system that has been shown to provide 96% fat viability. Finally, using the closed-loop system, we limit “out of body” time to 30 minutes or less in order to avoid fat cell suffocation after we remove them from the body.

Final Phase

The final phase includes optimizing fat transfer using an artistic approach to buttocks augmentation and shaping. Due to the consistency achieved with buttocks shaping, a Buttocks assessment tool has been designed to accurately define patient goals and subsequently achieve those goals. The most expensive Brazilian Buttocks lift will provide patients desiring the ultimate buttock shape, size, and contour.

Below you will find what Dr. Mowlavi has created using his Most Expensive Brazilian Buttocks Lift techniques. Schedule a complimentary consultation TODAY

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