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The Mermaid Band Fixes Implant Malposition

Malposition of Breast Implant

The most common complication following breast augmentation is implant malposition; this results in the asymmetric appearance of breast mounds. This complication usually occurs early, right after breast augmentation surgery. Either surgeon error (creating asymmetric breast pockets during surgery) or patient non-compliance (use of arms or pectoralis muscles too soon after surgery) causes this issue.

Some patients will experience malposition later in life as their breast mounds age and droop off of their implants.

Breast augmentation revision requiring alteration and reinforcement of breast pocket position can correct both patients’ concerns. Typically, the capsule that forms around the implant must be either released, partially cut out, or even sewn down to define the new, more desirable pocket position. For patients with long term malposition due to drooping of the breasts, a simultaneous breast lift procedure may be added.

The most common complication of breast augmentation revision is….. you guessed it, malposition again. To minimize the risk of secondary implant malposition, it is critical to maintaining the new implant position in the early postoperative period. Traditionally, patients use a breast band prevents which avoids implant migration superiorly. The patient places the strap over the upper chest (on top of the implants) in order to ensure optimal implant position. Unfortunately, many patients complain of underarm chafing, especially when wearing the band for a two to four-week period; this duration ensures that the final implant position becomes secured once the new capsule has formed. Despite this benefit, few patients are able to keep their breast bands in place for the recommended duration, at least with the traditional breast band.

The Solution: Mermaid Breast Band

mermaid band

Approximately three years ago, Dr. Mowlavi and one of his breast cancer patients who used the traditional band designed and developed the Mermaid Breast Band.

This unique band has a cut out in the armpit. The cut allows for the comfortable wearing of the breast band for prolonged periods without underarm chafing. Dr. Mowlavi gets consistently superior breast augmentation revision results and is a premier breast revision surgeon as a result of his use of the Mermaid breast band.

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