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Maximizing Buttock Augmentation: Butt Implant and BBL


At this time, buttocks augmentation is the fastest growing sector in body contouring. This trend is likely to continue, and may one day surpass breast augmentation in popularity. As of now, experts know of two definitive techniques of maximizing buttock augmentation.

The first buttock augmentation technique involves the use of a buttock implant. The second buttock augmentation technique involves the transfer of fat, termed Brazilian buttock lift, or BBL for short. Therefore, when patients desire to maximize buttock augmentation, these two techniques can together optimize buttock mound size.

Maximizing Buttock Augmentation with an Implant

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Buttocks Augmentation with Implants Only

Buttock implant augmentation with an implant requires specific considerations. First, the buttock implant must be placed in the gluteus maximus, which is located in the center of the buttocks. The buttock implant augmentation will provide maximum buttock augmentation in the center of the buttocks. Consequently, implant buttock augmentation will result in maximum buttock projection.

This maneuver will push your butt mound out when viewing from the lateral view. Furthermore, the buttocks diameter and specifically the diameter of the gluteus maximus determines the maximum implant volume. This is because the buttock implant must be placed entirely in this muscle.

Maximizing Buttock Augmentation with BBL

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Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer (BBL) Only

Following buttock augmentation with an implant, using a Brazilian buttock lift technique will further augment around the buttock implant. Moreover, a Brazilian buttock lift utilizes fat grafting to add volume around and below the implant. This maneuver will allow for improved buttocks width by filling the lateral buttocks dimple and around the lateral hip.

Additionally, this provides improved overall buttock fluff by creating a bubble butt with an increase in buttock mound when viewing from the front or the back.


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Maximized Buttocks Augmentation with Implants and Fat Transfer

Maximum buttock augmentation using a combination of butt implant and BBL is the gold standard for buttock enhancement. If you desire maximum buttocks volume and have buttock skin laxity and slack, a maximum implant of 700 to 800 cc followed by grafting volumes of 1000 to 1500 cc can maximize volume augmentation.

Maximizing your butt has never been easier! If you are interested in the perfect butt, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Laguna today!

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