When it comes to surgery for men, it is of utmost importance to avoid any tell tail signs of surgery such as contour irregularities or lengthy incision lines which would give you an operated appearance. Men, just like women, want to look their best, but are more timid with sharing that they have had cosmetic surgery. As such, it is critical to design all male surgeries to strive for natural results and to avoid any and all signs of surgery. Dr. Mowlavi has spent his career perfecting male breast surgery, i.e. gynecomastia, in order to avoid and correct operative deformities.

Male Breast Surgery Plastic Surgeon Orange County
Male Breast Surgery Plastic Surgeon Orange County

The most common deformity observed is a divot that is created underneath the nipple and areola and results a gynecomastia procedure performed using a lumpectomy rather than techniques designed specifically for gynecomastia. What you have to understand is that the fullness felt and visible under the areola is not a round lump but a plateau of glandular tissue; as such it needs to be removed using more of a tangential excision with a smooth peripheral border transition.

Every patient’s excision depth needs to be customized and gauged by the soft tissue fullness throughout the breast in order to avoid any contour divot deformities. The second most common deformity that should be avoided involves a lateral divot created just lateral to the nipple and areola. This area contains a lack of fat as well as tight muscle to skin suspensory ligaments that will create further pulling and concavity if the little fat that is present is inadvertently removed. As such, it is critical to not remove any soft tissue from this area.

A final concern of patients is skin redundancy and whether this skin needs to be excised. Although it might be tempting to excise apparently extensive skin redundancy, this skin should not be excised in order to avoid long surgical excision lines. Instead, Dr. Mowalvi advocates two separate measures to obviate the need for excision. The first maneuver includes release of the inframammary fold in an attempt to avoid the need for further skin excision. In second, postoperative skin tightening procedure is advocated using our radio frequency laser, called Viora Reaction, which will further tighten your chest skin when necessary.

Male Breast Surgery Plastic Surgeon Orange County

In order to determine if you could take advantage of this affordable procedure, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, Orange County’s top plastic surgeon.

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