Liposuction Cost Explained

The price of liposuction is directly related to the time it takes to perform the procedure and is determined by the number of treatment areas and severity of each area. This is also true for VASER HD Liposuction which is the preferred method of the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute. Moreover, HD Liposuction takes on average, twice the amount of time as traditional Liposuction. This is because the unwanted fat must first be melted using VASER ultrasound technology. Secondly, twice as much fat can be suctioned off in comparison to traditional methods. Lastly, post-op cool helium plasma skin tightening is needed to counter any skin redundancy (excess skin) created by the removal of underlying fat. Additionally, another important consideration that affects cost is whether you will need to also have any skin removed (tucking procedure). The tucking or lifting procedures that may be required to supplement your liposuction include:

  • a medial thigh tuck (inner thigh lift)
  • a lateral thigh tuck (outer thigh lift)
  • a brachioplasty (arm lift)
  • a mini or full tummy tuck

Length of Lipo Procedure

It takes approximately one ½ to 2 hours per (bilateral) area depending on how prominent the area is. In general, you can expect the more treatment areas there are, the higher your cost will be. Thus, VASER high-definition liposuction cost starts at $5,000 per area. Furthermore, this price includes all of the necessary amenities: anesthesia fees, facility fees, surgeons fees, custom healing garments, and all postoperative fees.

Next, keep in mind that the cost of any surgery is typically determined by how long the procedure takes because staff costs are the largest component of price. Staff members can include the surgeon, anesthesiologist, scrub tech, circulating nurse, recovering nurse, and the clean-up crew. Now, what does all of this mean to your pocketbook? Find the average cost comparison of VASER vs. traditional Liposuction below.

Treatment Area HD Lipo Traditional or Alternative Lipo
Chest, arms, and abdomen $10-14,000 $6-8,000
Back, flanks, love handles $9-13,000 $5-7,000
Medial and Lateral thighs $5-7,000 $4-5,000
Neck $5-6,000 $3-4000
Arms $4-6,000 $3-4000


Is VASER HD Liposuction Cost Affordable?

At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, we understand that the increase in price to receive VASER instead of traditional Liposuction is not trivial, however, the improvement in results is priceless! Moreover, our patients frequently comment that missing a vacation or two to pay for this surgery has more than repaid itself with their jaw-dropping results. Just check out our patient testimonials. In addition, for those who prefer a more affordable method of payment, we also offer many convenient financing options.

If you are considering a body contouring procedure, it is crucial that you consult with an advanced VASER HD Liposuction provider, like Dr. Mowlavi. He is THE premier body contouring artist of Orange County, as-well-as a certified VASER Liposuction trainer. In order to fully appreciate what this state-of-the-art procedure and Dr. Mowlavi’s artistry can do for you, schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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