The Latest Advancements in Scarless Liposuction

hd liposuctionThe Latest Advancements in Scarless Liposuction

A scarless liposuction procedure? It sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! The latest advancements in plastic surgery science, tools and technology have made Liposuction far less invasive and minimally damaging to the body. Here, at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute of Orange County, we specialize in High-Definition Liposuction.  Vaser technology is the best method for removing unwanted fat and achieving a toned physique. All of this can be gained without any unsightly liposuction scarring. Liposuction without scarring is possible!

How Does VASER HD Lipo Prevent Scarring?

High-Definition VASER Lipo does quite a few things better than traditional liposuction methods:

scarless liposuction surgery

  1. VASER ultrasound technology melts the unwanted fat first — making it more viscous (liquid) and easier to suction than the solid, lumpy fat masses of traditional liposuction.
  2. The fat is liquefied, therefore reducing shear forces (bruising caused by pushing the suction tool into the incision sites).
  3. The VASER cannulas (suction tools used in liposuction) are much smaller (3 – 4mm) than traditional liposuction cannulas. They are smaller than a #2 pencil!
  4. VASER uses specialized port protectors at each incision site to prevent the cannula from touching the skin, further reducing shear forces.
  5. Thanks to smaller cannulas and specialized ports, incision sites generally don’t exceed 5mm and incision site inflammation or trauma is greatly reduced

So, does this mean that you can get scarless liposuction? Well, that depends. Everyone’s body is different, and scarring is dependent on many factors like skin tone, age and genetics. However, you can be sure that VASER HD Liposuction will drastically reduce your chance of scarring.

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