Can my hands look young again without surgery?

You can hide your arms behind long sleeves but the hands will reveal it all. Even if you are doing a good job of maintaining a youthful facial appearance, the hands can easily reveal your true age. The detectable signs of premature aging are two fold. First, you will notice a loss of fat volume and thinner skin, resulting in visible veins and tendons. Second, you might notice brown sunspots or “age spots” developing from chronic sun exposure. Luckily, with the latest anti-aging advancements you can eliminate both of these undesirable changes with quick, non-invasive procedures that can be done over your lunch hour.

Forget about ineffective at home treatments or creams. Currently, the best way to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of your hands is with a combination of two non-invasive treatments: Radiesse injection and IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy. The Radiesse treatment is an FDA approved dermal filler used to plump the skin and when applied properly, can correct volume loss on the back of the hands. 


Dermal fillers are a great solution for aging of the hands and can “turn back the hands of time” by:

  • restoring lost (fat) volume.
  • minimizing the appearance of tendons and veins.
  • restoring a youthful appearance.
  • creating a smooth, natural looking result.


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The IPL technology uses high-intensity, visible, broad-spectrum pulses of light to improve skin pigmentation, laxity and collagen production. This is accomplished by blasting the brown blemishes, call chromophobes, with a 560nm ray of light. Coffee ground appearing pigments will slough off over a one week period. You can expect more youthful looking hands that last up to one year or longer depending on the amount of sun exposure you get. Both of these great procedures can be performed in the office in half an hour with minimal down time. Patients who undergo these treatments are extremely pleased with the results and no longer feel the need to hide their hands.

Pictured: A 72 year old female patient showing a reduction of sun blemishes, age spots, improved soft tissue volume, and an improvement in the appearance of unsightly veins and prominent tendons following treatment with dermal filler and IPL technology .

For more information about improving the appearance of your hands and to determine if you are a good candidate for these anti-aging procedures, please schedule a consultation.

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