Traditional liposuction has been associated with aspirate fluid that has a generous amount of blood; this can be confirmed by looking at the collection canister following a routine liposuction case. This concern has prompted the medical association to limit the safe volume of liposuction to a total of 5 Liters. In contrast, high definition liposuction using VASER ultrasound technology causes significantly less blood loss, thus allowing for larger volumes of liposuction extraction. The reason for this is that the ultrasound melts the fat off of the vessels prior to liposuction; thereby making liposuction less traumatic to the vessels. And since blood vessels are protected, larger volumes of fat can be removed safely. Not to mention, VASER liposuction is intrinsically associated with less bleeding and minimal bruising. 

In addition, form fitting compression garments are customized for each patient prior to surgery. The appropriate application of compression on treated areas can significantly minimize bruising while the patient heals. The difference is noticeable whenever a non-compliant patient decides to remove the foam prematurely. Removing the compression garments early can be very tempting as high definition results are amazingly inspiring and patients can be tempted to show off their body too early. Bruising can be noticed in these patients within only twenty four hours in the areas of non-compression.



Patient Before & After


Finally, preoperative planning is always a critical component of any successful surgery, including liposuction procedures. In order to minimizing bruising even further optimal nutrition is a must. I advise my patients to eat a high dose of protein daily for at least one month prior to surgery, as well as, avoid any blood thinning foods, medications or supplements. Increasing protein intake will ensure that your albumin (blood protein levels) and pre-albumin levels are high. High protein levels in the blood stream ensure that blood remains in the vessels and does not leak out into the surrounding tissues, causing bruising. With education and a little bit of self-control, optimum results can be achieved. In summary, proper planning for your VASER Liposuction procedure is a definite must and can ensure a virtually painless, quick healing result. If you are interested in achieving a toned body with noticeable muscle definition, then schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, Orange County’s premier liposuction surgeon.

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