Maximum buttocks implant size is determined by the capacity of your buttocks cheek. Specifically, you have to make sure that your desired buttocks implant will fit on your buttocks cheek. As can be seen, the buttocks implant size and shape and sizing sheet is included below for your review.

Diameter (cm) Projection (cm) Volume (cc’s)
10.5 2.5 117
12.5 2.8 189
13.7 3.3 276
14.8 3.8 379
13.8 4.9 434
13.8 3.7 301
15.7 6.0 712
12.5 4.0 296
12.4 3.3 218
15.0 4.5 455
15.0 5.0 548


When attempting to maximize implant size, we like to provide you the largest implant possible while avoiding any complications; two complications following buttocks implant augmentation are extrusion of the implant and feeling or seeing the implant edge. These two complications are avoided by following two rules of sizing; 1st we avoid the implant extending over the lateral buttocks cheek dimple; this is where an implant edge may become visible or felt; 2nd we make sure that your implant is placed at 2 cm away from your midline incision; this is so that Dr. Mowlavi can complete 4 independent layers of closure of your incision thereby protecting your implant from extruding.

Dr. Mowlavi has been performing buttocks implant augmentation for over 10 years and using the above guidelines has avoided implant edge appearance and implant extrusion. When performed following meticulous surgical planning, patients can expect optimal results and avoidance of complications as below.

Buttocks implant augmentation candidate demonstrating smooth lateral cheek with non palpable and no show of implant edge.[/fusion_text]

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