Patient 1

A 45 year old female from Laguna Beach, CA three months post VASER liposuction of the arms, underarms, upper and lower back, flanks, and abdomen. This patient is also one year post suction assisted liposuction of the abdomen, lateral thighs, medial thighs, medial knees, mini tummy tuck, and fat graft to the breasts.

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VASER or “high-definition” liposuction was developed to address the limitations of current liposuction techniques that are restricted to removing deep fat only. The VASER acronym stands for, “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance” and this technology allows surgeons to remove fat more comprehensively. Today, removal of fat is no longer limited to the deep layer, but also includes the superficial layers as well. To understand, we must evaluate an image of human fat layers.

How is VASER different from traditional liposuction?

Unlike deep fat, the superficial fat is located in compartmentalized blocks with strong attachment ligaments that do not allow traditional liposuction cannulas from penetrating them. Instead, the VASER liposuction technology allows for emulsion of superficial fat cells so that they can be removed using specialized cannulas, while not having to disrupt these tough ligaments.

Today, fat cells can be removed comprehensively throughout the deep layer and strategically over the superficial layers to provide high definition liposuction. In this arena, it becomes critical to understand muscle anatomy as it is the muscle highlights that can now be appreciated and taken advantage of.

How Much Does Vaser Liposuction Cost?

 Cost is directly related to the time it takes to perform your liposuction. The time is dictated by how much and how prominent each one of your areas is. Another important consideration that will affect the cost is whether you will need any skin removed (tucking) following liposuction. Tucking procedures that may be required to supplement your liposuction may include:

Liposuction cost is determined by the number of treatment areas, and severity of each area. It takes approximately ½ hour to 2 hours per area (bilateral) depending on how prominent the area is. In general, you can expect the more treatment areas, the higher your cost will be. Thus, VASER high-definition liposuction starts at $5,000 per area. This price includes anesthesia fees, facility fees, surgeons fees, a customized garment, and all of your postoperative fees.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for VASER liposuction?

Almost everyone is a candidate for VASER liposuction, as long as they have fat accumulation in unwanted areas. Patients who are closer to their ideal body weight will see the best results in etching around their muscles to obtain muscle definition. Patients with moderate to severe skin redundancy may require an additional tucking procedure along with VASER liposuction.

For more information and to determine if you are a good candidate for this specialized procedure, please schedule a consultation.

Patient 2

19 year old female from Santa Ana, CA two months post VASER Liposuction of the back, hips, flanks, posterior thighs, and lower medial buttocks cheeks followed by fat grafting to the buttocks for a Brazilian Butt Lift; as well as buttocks implants.

Patient 3

Male following VASER Liposuction – before & after.


“Butt Implant review read this first if your going to get this done!! HI, I am 19 years old and decided to get butt implants because I had very little fat to give me the volume that I wanted it was something that I wanted for a really long time and had actually done research before getting this procedure as well as going with another doctor for a consultation and it did not go well. THANK GOODNESS I FOUND DR. MOWLAVI. Even just upon consultation I knew he was the doctor for me he knew exactly what I wanted and was very professional. Not only that I was able to pay for the whole procedure all by myself thanks to the different payment options they have for their patients. I am now 5 weeks post op and I feel great my scars are barely visible and only going to get better. Dr. Mowlavi not only just put the implants but he molded my body. I now have a tiny waist and Big bum. Honestly if you want to have that PERFECT HOURGLASS FIGURE….GO TO HIM. He is truly an ARTIST and will sculpt your body perfectly… Aside for my results I was treated with respect and kindness from him and all the staff members. I felt very safe and was treated like family. If you are still unsure about this procedure just go to the consultation Dr. Mowlavi will take his time to get to know you personally to make sure all your needs are met before and after surgery. Special thank you to Claudia and James you guys were wonderful and helped make the experience amazing. You two are the best never retire ;)” -Valeria C. Read More>>