What is High-Definition Vaser Liposuction?

A 35 year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back and BBL. This patient demonstrates a jump from 8 to 9-10 points.

VASER or "high-definition" liposuction is a minimally invasive body-contouring procedure that uses ultrasound technology to melt fat. It is an advanced body sculpting technique that allows your surgeon to remove the unwanted fat surrounding your muscles to create a toned, athletic appearance.

Vaser Lipo was developed to address the limitations of current liposuction techniques that are restricted to removing deep fat only. The VASER acronym stands for, "vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance" and this technology allows surgeons to remove fat more comprehensively. Today, removal of fat is no longer limited to the deep layer, but also includes the superficial layers as well. To understand, we must evaluate an image of human fat layers.


What Makes VASER Lipo Different?

VASER High-definition Liposuction is considered a "Game Changer" in the body contouring liposuction arena. This is because, unlike deep fat, the superficial fat layer is structured in compartmentalized blocks with strong attachment ligaments that do not allow traditional liposuction cannulas to penetrate. But now, with VASER ultrasonic technology, the superficial fat cells can be emulsified and then removed using specialized cannulas that do not disrupt these tough ligaments.

First, the VASER technology gently melts and suctions away unwanted fat. And then, a Cool Helium Plasma skin tightening procedure is used to literally "shrink wrap" any loose or excess skin. Both of these procedures can performed simultaneously allowing patients to attain their goals in a single, safe and minimally-invasive procedure.

Today, fat cells can be completely removed throughout the deep layers and strategically over the superficial layers to provide HD Lipo. This is what has come to be known as "Liposculpting" due to the artistry involved in contouring the body and achieving optimal muscle definition and natural looking results. This artistic and highly-skilled component of VASER HD Lipo is exactly why it is critical that your Surgeon has many years of experience and an expert understanding of muscle anatomy and areas of fat accumulation.

Browse the amazing before and after photos below to see the results for yourself!

Do I Need Anesthesia to Get VASER HD Lipo?

I consult with a good deal of patients who are seeking liposuction without general anesthesia. Some have reservations because of fear and some due to the added cost. Regardless, the bottom line is that, yes, you will need general anesthesia during VASER Liposuction. This is because it allows your surgeon to remove all of your unwanted fat without the limitations of pain prevention. Compared to other liposuction methods like Smart lipo (Sonobello), Laser Lipo, Slim Lipo, and traditional liposuction, which can be performed using only a local anesthetic, these methods are very limited in how much fat can be removed. In order to achieve the sculpted six-pack look of HD Lipo, suctioning of all excess fat deposits is required, thereby causing unavoidable irritation of the sensory nerves. But fear not, because here at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute of Orange County thousands of procedures have been performed safely and comfortably using general anesthetic. And while avoiding general anesthesia might be attractive at first, when you consider a lifetime of sub-optimal results, you may rethink your decision.

How Much Does Vaser HD Lipo Cost?

The cost of a VASER high-definition liposuction procedure is directly related to the time required to perform the surgery. Procedure time is dictated by the number of treatment areas needed and how prominent they are. HD Lipo pricing generally starts at $5,000 per treatment area. Since every procedure is tailored to a patients specific needs, the more treatment areas needed, the higher the cost will be. Click here to learn more about Liposuction pricing.

Am I a Good Candidate for VASER HD Lipo?

Almost everyone is a candidate for VASER liposuction, as long as they have fat accumulation in unwanted areas. Patients who are closer to their ideal body weight will see the best results in etching around their muscles to obtain muscle definition. Patients with moderate to severe skin redundancy may require an additional tucking procedure along with liposuction.

For more information and to determine if you are a good candidate for this state-of-the-art procedure, please schedule a free consultation with Orange County's premiere Vaser HD Liposuction surgeon, Dr. Laguna.

"I decided to get butt implants because I had very little fat to give me the volume that I wanted it was something that I wanted for a really long time and had actually done research before getting this procedure as well as going with another doctor for a consultation and it did not go well. THANK GOODNESS I FOUND DR. MOWLAVI. Even just upon consultation I knew he was the doctor for me he knew exactly what I wanted and was very professional. Not only was I was able to pay for the whole procedure all by myself thanks to the different payment options they have for their patients. I am now 5 weeks post op and feel great. My scars are barely visible and only going to get better. Dr. Mowlavi not only put the implants but he also molded my body. I now have a tiny waist and big bum. Honestly, if you want to have that PERFECT HOURGLASS FIGURE…GO TO HIM. He is truly an ARTIST and will sculpt your body perfectly..."

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Book a Free Consultation

The only way to really know and understand the cost of any cosmetic procedure is to book a consultation. 

When Dr. Mowlavi can talk with you to learn about your needs and desires and can see you and determine what needs to be undertaken can he really determine the cost of your procedure.

A 19 year old female before and after VASER Liposuction of the back, hips, flanks (waist), posterior thighs, and lower medial buttock cheeks followed by a Brazilian Butt Lift with implants.

A female patient before and after a VASER Liposuction procedure.

A male patient before and after a VASER Liposuction procedure.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

During your breast augmentation consultation we will discuss:

  • The ideal implant size, shape, and form
  • Breast sizing
  • Discussion of various approaches for implant placement’
  • Preoperative management and planning
  • Postoperative care

There are many reasons why you might feel that one of your breasts is firmer than the other. This can be caused by early capsule formation or it may be that the implant was malpositioned. You will need to follow up with your plastic surgeon for this as this diagnosis is more accurate when made by feel during an examination.

Capsular contracture prophylaxis exercises can be initiated as early as one week following surgery but you have to make sure that you don’t push your breasts up; I recommend using a breast band over the first two weeks that minimizes the risk of malposition. When messaging your breasts, it is very important to keep one hand over the top of the implant while the other hand messages your breasts so that you don’t inadvertently push the implants up.

A radiated breast will always feel firmer and sit higher but this is not capsular contracture.  This is caused by fibrosis of your skin, underlying fatty, and fibro septal network. The capsule, in fact, might be absolutely normal assuming that you placed your implant after the radiation. Fat grafting has been recommended as a treatment to soften your breasts.

The only way to ensure that your chosen implants are going to provide you your desired breast size augmentation is to complete breast sizing during your consultation. During this visit, you are provided the opportunity to try out amongst a variety of breast implant sizers in order to hone in on your desired breast size. 

Also, when the implants are placed inside you, they will be actually 5% smaller in size. As a result, you must take this into account. A final reason why you may feel that your breasts are smaller at two months is that you have gotten used to your swollen breasts over the first six weeks that is now resolving.

You can side sleep immediately after breast augmentation. The idea is to not allow your implants to move from the dissected breast pocket until the pockets have scarred down (creation of a capsule). 

This occurs by 4 weeks following surgery. Regardless, as long as you wear a breastband (my favorite is the Mermaid band), you should have no problems with any activities that don’t require heavy weight lifting with your arms. The only exception is sleeping on your tummy in the early postoperative period which can push the implants out of their pocket.

Universally patients are not allergic to silicone. In fact, silicone is found in your diet as it is present in a potato skin. It is also used in your acrylic nails! Finally, it can be found in our cartilaginous structures such as the knees and ears. There has not been a single case of a true allergic reaction to silicone to date.


Whether or not you will need a lift is dependent on your nipple position. If your nipple is below or at your inframammary crease, then you will need a simultaneous lift at the time of your breast augmentation. 

The amount of lift is based on your chosen implant. The reason for this is to allow your nipple to be centered on your implant. This follows the fact that the implant must sit on your inframammary crease and such that the radius of your implant will be centered on your nipple. This is the most important consideration. 

The breast lift can only raise your nipple approximately 5 cm so it can only be performed for minimal to moderate nipple sagging. A virtual consultation with a breast specialist is recommended to make sure you appreciate what needs to be done to get you an excellent outcome.

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