When considering high definition liposuction, it is crucial that your surgeon posses an expert understanding of the areas of fat pad accumulation, which are the regions of the body that are conducive to fat removal and micro etching. Females and males have quite different “trouble” areas that are prone to fat accumulation. Dr. Alfredo Hoyos who pioneered high definition liposculpture best presents the gender differences in fat accumulation in his text, “High Definition Body Sculpting – Art and Advanced Lipoplasty Techniques,” as shown below. 


Fat pads or areas of fat accumulation on males.


Fat pads or areas of fat accumulation on females.


In general, females maintain a higher percentage of their body fat superficial to the muscles; this is in contrast, to males who tend to have a large portion of their fat stored in their gut, termed intra-abdominal fat. Unfortunately, this internal fat is not amenable to liposculpture. In addition, females tend to accumulate a greater percentage of their fat over the pelvic region, hips, lower back, buttocks, thighs, and legs. In contrast, males tend to accumulate their fat over the chest, abdomen, and flanks.

When areas of fat accumulation were removed using traditionally performed liposuction techniques, only over-all body contour improvements were appreciated by patients. However, with the addition of high definition liposuction techniques, specific muscle etching, highlighting and contour, can now be achieved. Direct lighting that can form desirable shadows and light contrast for visible muscle definition, once only possible for fitness models can now be attained by the anyone.

Almost everyone is a candidate for VASER High Def Liposculpture, as long as they have fat accumulation in unwanted areas. Patients who are closer to their ideal body weight will see the best results in etching around their muscles to obtain muscle definition. Patients with moderate to severe skin redundancy may require an additional tucking procedure along with VASER liposuction.

For more information and to determine if you are a good candidate for this specialized procedure, please schedule a consultation.

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Female Patient: Before & After

A 45 year old female from Laguna Beach, CA three months post VASER liposuction of the arms, underarms, upper and lower back, flanks, and abdomen. This patient is also one year post suction assisted liposuction of the abdomen, lateral thighs, medial thighs, medial knees, mini tummy tuck, and fat graft to the breasts.