High Definition Body Contouring – Lower Leg

High Definition Body Contouring – Lower Leg

High Definition Body Contouring – Lower Leg

Lower leg contouring requires intimate knowledge of muscle anatomy as well as an appreciation of superficial vein (lesser saphenous) and sensory nerve (sural nerve) anatomy. Experts must use delicate lower leg high definition contouring to improve contour while respecting the above mentioned vital structures. One of the challenges to lower leg contouring involves the recognition that the lower leg is at the extreme end of the body which means that vascularity is naturally suboptimal. In addition, by virtue of being the most dependent part of the body, the lower leg is prone to excessive swelling. This side effect is common even when one leaves the leg untreated.

For example, following circumferential 3D VASER liposuction of the abdomen and back only, the lower legs can swell up. In order to prevent this, we place all high definition liposuction patients regardless of whether we contour the lower leg or not in a compression garment that extends down to the knee. When we treat the lower leg, we use an extra layer of compression which requires the use of both the extended compression garment as well as an overlying Ace wrap that extends down to the ankles. In summary, lower leg high definition liposuction contouring requires intimate knowledge of the lower leg anatomy as well as a conservative surgical approach.

Lower Leg Contouring – Muscle Anatomy

Soleus Muscle

  • Shaped like a triangular plateau with its tip ending at the Achilles tendon

Gastrocnemius Muscle

  • Shaped like a mountain range that terminates halfway down the leg (Claw Shape)
  • The medial leaf is wider and longer (stretches lower than the right leaf)
  • The lateral leaf is narrower and shorter (tapers higher up than the left leaf)

Sural Nerve

  • Provides sensation to the lateral foot
  • Sensory nerve located in the calf region
  • The nerve starts at the lateral/mid posterior leg and travels toward the posterior aspect of the lateral malleolus

Lower Saphenous Vein

  • Drains the lower leg and empties into the popliteal vein in the popliteal fossa (behind the knee)
  • Runs up the center of the posterior leg
  • Located just posterior to the sural nerve and travels between the heads of the gastrocnemius muscle leaves.
  • Experts perform high definition liposuction of the lower leg conservatively and only in the superficial plain.
    • Must use small cannulas (prefer 3.0 mm cannula and smaller)


If you are interested in a calf-high definition contouring procedure, please schedule a free consultation today!

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