What Is An Eyebrow Divot?

With aging, comes many unpleasant changes to our bodies and face. Lately, you may have begun to notice an indentation or “divot” that has been gradually developing between your eyebrows. This divot is created by the deepening of wrinkles that almost everyone has when they frown or squint in sunlight. These wrinkles are usually described as the “11’s” because they typically form near vertical lines between the eyebrows. These wrinkles are normally treated with Botox which paralyzes the corrugator muscles, a pair of muscles that when paralyzed by the Botox, make frowning or squinting less possible, thereby avoiding the appearance of these wrinkles and indentations.

However, if these wrinkles go untreated for many years they will eventually create deeper wrinkles that are imprinted between your eyebrows, meaning they are present even when you are not animating, i.e. frowning etc. If these wrinkles are not treated for decades, then the imprinted wrinkles can become so deep that it creates a divot. 

How Can I Avoid or Treat a Divot?

radiesse-facial-filler-eyebrow-divotIt’s important to seek treatment as soon as you begin to develop wrinkles between the eyebrows. With proper treatment, it’s possible to fight and smooth these wrinkles to avoid worsening. But, once you have developed an actual divot, then it will require both Botox and a filler, to fill-in the indentations. I recommend and use Radiesse filler on my patients, which can smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and can last up to two years.  Botox is required to paralyze the muscle so as not too push out the filler from inside the filled divot. 


Patient Before & After

A 52 year old male with a smoother brow following Radiesse filler injections to the creases between the eyes.

More Radiesse Before & After Photos

In summary, the key to correcting a divot deformity between the eyebrows is to fill the divot with a filler as well as paralyze the eyebrow muscles so that the filler stays where it is placed. The Radiesse filler is made from ocean coral, is FDA approved, and safe to use for filling in volume loss of the face, with no observed allergic reactions.

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