Do you need a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck? A virtual consultation with us will help you make that decision. The ultimate option for you is based on:

1)muscle looseness

2)skin redundancy

3)fat excess

If you have too much redundant skin, it will compromise getting an amazing result without a full TT. This is also based on the quality of your skin as well as the texture and extent of stretch marks. You can achieve the best TT with a narrower waistline, an innie belly button, appropriate muscle plication differential, and a low incision line. In addition, high definition VASER liposuction and renuvion skin tightening can be combined with a TT. As a result, you get the most incredible, natural results.

Taking these factors into consideration will require a high definition body contouring specialist who can transform your body, understanding the anatomy as well as the aesthetics.

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