The difference between a mini or full facelift is an excellent one. Although it may sound enticing to have a mini facelift, this name is a misnomer. There is no such a thing as a mini facelift. Unfortunately, the description “mini” is merely gimic that is used to sell surgery to patients who may be timid. Instead, patients will be offered a suboptimal result due to the fact that a shortcut was taken to make the surgery seem shorter. Specifically, this means ignoring the pull on the muscle lining, called the SMAS, which is critical in achieving amazing results.  By ignoring the SMAS layer, you will look operated in appearance and your facelift will not last. In contrast, the full facelift is the GOLD STANDARD that results in definitive and permanent correction of all of your facial aging and sun damaged changes. Although the surgery is more complex, the increased complexity provides superior outcomes.

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