A bulge over the tummy tuck incision is excess fat and some skin redundancy. This can be corrected immediately. Poorly performed muscle plication or residual fat can cause this bulge. Some cases demonstrate a common side effect of tummy tucks referred to as dog ears, also known as flank prominence. Both areas, the flanks and above the tummy tuck incision line, are ideal for VASER liposuction. Correction for poor muscle plication is a reverse tummy tuck with replication; the correction for residual fat is VASER liposuction, which will not only remove that fat, but etch out your abdomen so that it becomes spectacular in contour. VASER liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening can smoothen out these areas best, not only correcting the prominence you do not like, but also optimizing your back contour, all of which will routinely help with aches and pains. This is the definitive treatment for your problem which will result in an etched abdomen that is to die for.

As for your swelling, your tummy tuck swelling is secondary to muscle looseness; how tight did the surgeon make you; sometimes there is a recoil effect of the muscles at about the second week.

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