If properly performed, a tummy tuck specialist can correctly tighten the muscle without redoing the umbilicus. It is possible to tighten the muscle without undoing the belly button. However, the abdomen cannot be too long and your muscles cannot be stretched out.

A mini tummy tuck is the optimal procedure in this case. However, it is not possible to get all the way up if your torso is too long. Tightening the abdominal muscle causes the skin to pull towards the middle of the abdomen. If the skin is not re-draped, skin contour irregularities can result.

Your belly button is not disconnected from your insides when undergoing a tummy tuck. A hi-def tummy tuck will provide you a waistline, an innie belly button, a low incision line, and overall aesthetic contour lines. In order to tighten your lower abdominal skin and to find the optimal position for the belly button, a toned belly should have a vertically oriented rather than horizontally oriented belly button shape.

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