If you are not satisfied with your results 1.5 years out post tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift, you may be a great candidate for a revision lift and tummy tuck. Revision surgery does not have to be complicated, but it does require your surgeon to be very meticulous in order to correct all areas of concern. You have done your research well if you have found Dr. Mowlavi. A tummy tuck revision may allow you to tighten your pubic region and tighten the lower abdominal region to improve your proportions as well as to create hooding of your belly button to hide the incisions. We also have to tighten many patients’ sides to improve the contour of the whole abdomen, flanks, and back region. A consultation with a Dr. Mowlavi, a revision specialist, will help you to come up with a comprehensive and affordable plan that is customized for your case and desires.


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