This is a very important question since most patients struggle with conveying to their surgeon exactly the buttocks size and shape. As a specialized center for high definition liposuction and Brazilian buttocks lift (BBL) surgeries, we see unhappy BBL patients weekly. The two most common complaints are that patients did not get adequate buttocks cheek volumes and the second complaint is that the buttocks shape was not created to the likening of the patient. The reason why adequate volumes of buttocks cheek are not routinely attained include:

1) Inadequate fat volume harvest with use of traditional liposuction. Instead, VASER liposuction allows for harvest of both the deep and superficial fat which results in 40 % more volume on average than other liposuction modalities.

2) Fat volume that is reduced in viability since it has been injured in the fat removal process. For example, with traditional liposuction, the semi-solid fat is drilled using liposuction cannulas. Another example is Laser or Smart liposuction, where a laser beam literally pierces the fat in the melting process. In contrast, the Vaser ultrasound gently tickles the fat cells into single cells without injuring the outer cell membrane. As a result, the fat cells provide near 90 % viability when transferred to the buttocks.


The benefits of Vaser liposuction include 90 plus percent graft take to the buttocks. As such, what you see right after surgery is what you are going to keep with respect to shape and volume. This is why Dr. Mowlavi has created the Buttocks assessment tool which allows you to convey to him exactly the buttocks shape and volume you are desiring.

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