Yes, a mommy makeover is possible with an abnormal EKG. Sometimes an abnormal EKG is just a heart rhythm variation. However, you will need operative clearance from your cardiologist. The mommy makeover is for women who wish to correct changes following pregnancy and childbirth. The most common complaint from patients seeking a mommy makeover include seeing changes in the breasts— sagging and deflation—and changes in the stomach—stretch marks and stretching of the muscles. Furthermore, mommy makeovers can help to fix excess fat on the back, thighs, and/or flanks. Amazingly, the mommy makeover can be done in one procedure. Mommy makeovers utilize high definition VASER liposuction to target specific areas of fat. Finding an expert VASER surgeon is instrumental to see your desired results. A Skype or FaceTime consultation with a VASER specialist will help you get an accurate recommendation and pricing.

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