Hard to determine what it is with photographs only. It sounds like you’re not getting a straight answer from your current doctor, so you’ll need a consult and inspection with a new board-certified plastic surgeon to help you determine the underlying cause and potential treatments. If it is fat that lingered from your liposuction, then a second round of liposuction could help improve your contour and correct any irregularities.

The definitive correction for liposuction deformities requires the advanced technology of ultrasound assisted VASER liposuction. As an official trainer of VASER liposuction, I encounter suboptimal liposuction outcome referrals weekly. VASER liposuction has been the only modality that has consistently corrected liposuction caused deformities. VASER liposuction ensures a smooth contour regardless of severity of contour irregularities by virtue of being able to remove any and all remaining fat comprehensively and uniformly. Finally, when skin redundancy irregularities are observed, Renuvion technology can be simultaneously applied to tighten your skin to optimize your overall contour outcome. A Skype or FaceTime consultation with a VASER specialist will help you get an accurate recommendation and pricing.

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