The two criteria for a successful facelift and/or neck lift include getting results that are 1) natural and that are 2) long lasting. In order to achieve these two criteria, it is critical that the tension of the pull on your drooping superficial fat and skin be redirected to an underlying tissue plane. This deeper plane called the SMAS is utilized during a dual plane (two layer) lift, that Dr. Mowlavi has designed to provide you natural and long lasting results. By removing the tension from the superficial skin layer, your skin incisions around your ear will heal optimally, thereby avoiding facial and ear scars, typically characterized by the “Pixie Ear” deformity. This is a typical undesirable “Pixie ear” deformity that is created following of a poorly performed facelift surgery.

Dr. Mowlavi has published several landmark papers identifying the aesthetically pleasing earlobe, defining how the “Pixie Ear” deformity is created, and specific surgical measures taken to avoid and correct this deformity. Please see image below for correction of a)Pixie Ear to b)aesthetically pleasing lobule.



During your facial rejuvenation consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, you will have the opportunity to discuss with him how the dual plane facelift will provide you long lasting and natural results and avoidance of the “Pixie Ear” deformity.

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