Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

49 year old female 3 months following bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty and fat grafting to bilateral cheeks.

Are you developing “bags” or puffy eyelids or straining to keep your eyes open? Then consider an upper and/or lower blepharoplasty. At Orange County Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Mowlavi will customize your eyelid surgery to erase all of your eyelid aging signs. Contact us to see if you can qualify for insurance coverage for your eyelid tuck surgery.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

The all-inclusive cost starts at $5,000 when performed by expert board-certified plastic surgeons. This fee includes the surgeon’s fees, operating room fees, anesthesia fees, implant fees, breast band/garment, and all of your postoperative visits. Above all, Dr. Mowlavi is Orange County's top breast augmentation surgeon and will ensure that the results meet all of your expectations.

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The only way to really know and understand the cost of any cosmetic procedure is to book a consultation. 

When Dr. Mowlavi can talk with you to learn about your needs and desires and can see you and determine what needs to be undertaken can he really determine the cost of your procedure.

54 year old female 3 months following upper and lower blepharoplasty, fat grafting to bilateral cheeks, and CO2 facial laser resurfacing.

34 year old female 2 weeks following bilateral upper eyelid tuck and bilateral ear tuck.

Eyelid Surgery FAQs

 Upper eyelids and tip rhinplasty

Upper eyelids and rhinoplasty isolated to your tip can be performed in the same session with local anesthetic solution only! This means that you can avoid being put completely under. It seems like you are trying to avoid a general anesthesia.

Upper bleph redone?

Cannot redo an upper eyelid bleph; you will have to be patient and allow your skin to stretch out on its own.

Mechanically injured droopy eyelid

A droopy eyelid is covered by insurance. Please make an appointment with a specialist so that your injury can be pinpointed so that you know what’s wrong with your eye.

Eye shape affected by blepharoplasty excision lines

Eye shape can be affected by the placement of blepharoplasty incision lines; the excision of the eyelid skin and subsequent closure places traction forces on the lids which then open up the eyes. In summary, placement of incision line can affect eye shape; you need to work with your surgeon during the markings so that you get the look you are desiring. Combining face and neck lift surgery with eyelid surgery is an excellent idea.

Eyelid redundancy

Eyelid skin redundancy following upper blepharoplasty can be corrected with ablative laser if you do not want to get cut again.

Droopy eyelids or deep nasojugal groove

What you likely have is deep nasojugal grooves which may benefit from filling with Radiesse. This will improve your look without having to cut on you at such a young age. I have used this filler in this area with great success and it provides long term correction well over one year. 

 Multiple facial procedures

Multiple facial procedures should be fine and will even save you money and recovery time.

Upper eyelid skin redundancy

Your best bet on getting your lids to look better is to have an upper eyelid tuck which can be done under local anesthetic solution so that you can avoid unnecessary fees for anesthesia or facility. Patients can be done and avoid grogginess associated with general anesthesia.

Droopy left eye

your droopy eyelid is likely caused by a loose lower lid margin. What you need is a canthopexy or plasty which will tighten and reposition you lid to improve symmetry.


I would start with eyedrop antibiotics and if not better then you may need to excise it by an eye specialist.

Low lid margin

Low lid margin is caused by redundant skin and dehisced muscle to tarsal plate attachment; both of these can be evaluated and treated independently for optimum results.

Time off for upper eyelids

Two weeks is the normal recovery period prior to returning to work but this might be different depending on your bruising propensity.

White bumps on incision lines

White bumps along incision line are common as there are a lot of glands in the upper eyelids and these can form small milia along a cut incision line as their ducts get blucked. These can usually be lanced or if very prominent they can be excised.

Quad bleph with not brow lift

The eyelids and brow are independently treated; the upper eyelid tuck is meant to remove redundant upper eyelid skin and to correct lid position; the browlift is intended to lift the brows; now performing a browlift will decrease some of the upper eyelid redundancy; but regardless, you would not perform a browlift unless the brows were droopy; if browlift is performed, then a more conservative upper bleph is needed

eyelid ptosis

It seems that you may have eyelid ptosis caused by a weak levator muscle or tendon; this can be corrected by performing a levatorplasty.

Eyes too close

in order to make the eyes look more apart, the nasal dorsum may be lowered. This is just an illusion but definitely feasable; if the nasal dorsum is brought out, it will make the eyes look closer together.

Hooding on your eyes

We perform upper eyelid blepharoplasty to correct hooding of the upper eyelids at our office with local anesthetic only. This means that your recovery is only a few hours since you will avoid the side effects of anesthesia. We recommend a virtual consultation with a eye specialist to discuss details of surgery and recovery.

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