Correcting Coolsculpting Deformities with Renuvion J Plasma


Two males after correction of CoolSculpting deformities using Vaser technology and Renuvion J Plasma.


Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia and CoolSculpting

Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) is a complication that follows CoolSculpting treatment. The overgrowth of fat tissue in local areas treated with cryotherapy characterizes PAH. Localized areas of fat growth cause literal hump deformities and correspond to the placement of the CoolSculpting applicators. This deformity is associated with weight gain following CoolSculpting and results from the loss of mechanical strength provided by the superficial fat that was removed by cryotherapy. As such, the deeper fat tends to grow unimpeded in areas of treatment when compared to non-cryo-treated areas with an intact superficial fat network. Because of this, severe underlying deep fat excess and severe skin redundancy come along with these hump deformities, coined Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH).


We have previously demonstrated that comprehensive fat removal requires using the VASER liposuction modality. In fact, the VASER liposuction modality is considered the definitive treatment for PAH and associated with no risk of recurrence. This is because VASER technology allows us to remove fat from the superficial layer. Surgeons have a difficult time correcting PAH due to the stubborn, fibrous fat that comes with it. However, the ultrasound technology in Vaser liposuction breaks this fat up, allowing for its comprehensive removal.

Renuvion J Plasma to correct CoolSculpting Deformaties

Renuvion J-Plasma treatment is a critical component of the definitive treatment of PAH. It eliminates skin redundancy that results not only from PAH but also from the removal of fat. Renuvion combines the unique properties of cold helium plasma with radio frequency (RF) energy. This fusion of technologies tightens and defines the skin without the risk of thermal damage to other tissue. An expert will apply the Renuvion J-Plasma under the skin as a sub-dermal coagulator, resulting in localized tightening of the skin and avoidance of skin contour irregularities when treating PAH.

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