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Contouring of the Female Thigh Gap

The Female Thigh Gap defines the lower buttock diamond opening. An ideal lower medial buttock cheek border and upper medial thigh border create this opening.

When a female thigh gap is appropriately contoured, this region will add significant appeal to the lower buttocks and upper thigh region. The medial lower buttocks should have the appearance of a horizontal “J”. When the lower medial buttocks are full, it appears squared off and masculine. If deficient in volume, the medial buttocks cheek will look prematurely aged and often cellulitic and aesthetically unappealing. When squared off, the medial buttocks require refined liposuction to remove prominence and to round out the contour giving it the horizontal “J” appearance. When deficient, the lower medial buttocks requires accurate fat transfer to give it fullness. Often, the lower medial buttocks region has very tight retaining ligaments that require a double release technique that is critical to allowing for contour correction.

Female Thigh Gap - Dr. Laguna
Pictured above: Female Thigh Gap Silhouette

The upper medial thigh contour is also critical to creating the female thigh gap. The medial thigh contour requires a gentle convex curve appearance. When juxtaposed opposite to each other, it establishes the lower half of the lower buttocks diamond opening. In order to appropriately contour the upper medial thigh, we must use liposuction to debulk prominence in multiple planes. Specifically, we must contour the medial thigh in three separate planes including the anterior, central, and posterior vectors. Often, liposuction contouring must be combined with skin tightening using the Renuvion J plasma subdermal coagulation. High definition liposuction contouring protocols result in attaining optimal contouring of this region in order to attain appropriate thigh gap appeal.


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