In a typical Brazilian butt lift(BBL) procedure, the average desired volume of fat transfers is in the range of 500cc to 1000cc per buttocks cheek. In order to attain these transfer volumes, we would have to harvest approximately 3 to 4 Liters of fat. However, most patients don’t have 4 Liters of fat to transfer. One of the keys to a successful buttocks fat transfer, is harvesting ALL of your fat i.e. a full body liposuction. I see many patients that are disgruntled with their BBL surgery especially after they find out that all of their available fat had not been utilized.

Many patients wonder if gaining weight prior to BBL surgery would improve the results and gains in buttocks enhancement. This is definitely not a good idea!

1st) We have to understand that by gaining weight, the fat cells don’t increase in number but rather swell in size.

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During your BBL, a liposuction canuula is used to harvest the fat cells. Unfortunately, as the fat cells get larger, they are more vulnerable to injury as they have to travel through small openings of the the cannulas.

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The membranes of the fat cells are fragile and essentially break off, becoming nonviable. Smaller fat cells have a better chance of getting through the cannula holes and tubing without mechanically being damaged by this trauma. What makes the procedure successful is ensuring fat cell survival during the harvesting and transfer process.

2nd) By gaining weight prior to surgery, you are fighting your body’s “set point”. This “set point” is the body’s comfort weight, i.e. the weight that your body wants to be at based on your lifestyle. A rapid weight gain for the purposes of increasing your fat volume, would eventually result in the body’s to desire to return to its lower comfort weight. In addition, to risking increase transfer of damaged, larger fat cells which will be resorbed, you are also ensuring that you will lose the initially gained volume when you return to your comfort weight. In summary, if you gain weight for the purposes of transferring move volume of fat, you will eventually go back down to your comfort weight after surgery and you will lose even more of the volume of fat that was transferred during the Brazilian buttocks lift than if you had just stayed at your comfort weight.

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Following your initial consultation, Dr. Mowlavi will be able to define the amount of fat that you have to transfer to your buttocks at your comfort weight so that you don’t have to worry about losing unnecessary volume.

In order to determine if you could take advantage of this affordable procedure, please fill out the contact form to the right.

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