As an expert in buttocks enhancement, I am routinely asked to give my opinion regarding the ideal waist to buttocks width ratio. The female silhouette describes the desirable curves of the female body that make her seductive. From the back, a gentle “S curve” describes this lateral curved contour of the back and buttocks.

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From an artistic point, the question asked is, “How shallow or how deep should the ‘S curve’ be made?”  A recent article in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgery has published the ideal buttocks to waist ratio. The authors asked over a 1000 surveyors in Riverside, CA to choose their ideal waist to buttocks ratio; their consensus was that the 0.65 ratio was ideal.

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Although this finding is reasonable and seems to be aesthetically pleasing, it is very interesting that patients at our office in Newport Beach, CA tend to lean towards the 0.50 to 0.60. This might be influenced by a trendier, more metro urban populations of Los Angeles and Orange County. You do have to remind yourself that our infamous resident, Niki Minaj, who displays her buttocks in this published photo influences clients’ opinions both locally as well as nationally.

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Since her emergence, buttocks enhancement has definitely become a more mainstay and popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

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