Buttocks enhancement is now considered a mainstay of body enhancing options and should include two critical considerations. The first, includes whether you have enough fat to provide you enough volume for fat transfer to the buttocks. The second, is to evaluate the regions surrounding the buttocks and consider simultaneous contouring of these areas.

When we examine the buttocks cheeks, universally, we appreciate skin redundancy that can accommodate large volumes of fat transfer, thus making potential volume of fat transfer fat capacity not a limiting factor. For example, the average volume of fat transferred is in the range of 750cc to 1250cc per cheek. In order to attain these transfer volumes, we would have to harvest approximately 3 to 4 Liters of fat. And here in lies the limiting consideration, as most patients don’t have 4 Liters of fat to transfer. It goes without saying, one of the keys to a successful buttocks fat transfer, branded as Brazilian Buttocks Lift, requires full body harvest of ALL of your fat. I see many patients that are disgruntled with their surgery and frequently find that all of the fat available had not been utilized. On your initial consultation, ALL of your potential fat harvest sites will be identified, tallied, so you know how much fat you can expect to transferred to your buttocks. If the volume of expected fat transfer is not enough to meet your expectations, then you will provided a buttocks implant as an alternative option. Although buttocks augmentation with an implant has been associated with high complications, we have universally avoided risk of infection and implant extrusion over the last 10 years. Several steps are taken by Dr. Mowlavi to avoid such complications including:

1) Use of perioperative antibiotics

2) Use of preoperative antimicrobial soap used along the buttocks region

3) Double prepping of the buttocks region with staged draping

4) Minimal touch technique of handling the implants

5) Using a modified dual incision for implant placement

6) Minimizing port incision for implant placement by using implant heating regimen

7) Avoidance of contour irregularities by Complete implant coverage with total intramuscular placement

8) Multi-layered closure using a 4 plane technique closure: a) muscular fascia closure, b) fascial closure, c) subnormal closure, d) subcutaneous closure

9) Elimination of tension and isolation of incision lines from the anal region using an extended incision line sealant sheet.

10) Comprehensive postoperative instructions intended to eliminate all avoidable complications.

Buttocks enhancement with buttocks implant.

Buttocks enhancement with fat transfer and contouring of the abdomen with a tummy tuck.

The final consideration that Dr. Mowlavi advises patients of is contouring the regions around the buttocks. The analogy used is that the buttocks cheeks may be the painting, but we must consider the frame as well; the frame in this discussion relates to the lower back, flanks, lateral thighs, and medial thighs. It can be quite humbling to realize that the appearance of your buttocks can be enhanced equally from enlarging the buttocks cheeks as much as by removing fullness around the buttocks cheeks.

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