Try Our Butt Calculator! An Ideal Body Needs An Ideal Booty

If you’d like to have a perfect beach-ready body this summer without having to spend endless hours at the gym, then you should consider a butt augmentation procedure. To determine whether a Brazilian Butt Lift or butt implants are right for you, please complete the following questions.

Butt Augmentation refers to procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants and is now considered a mainstay of body enhancing options. With surgery, you can increase the fullness, roundness and projection, of your rear-end, as well as, correct any asymmetry or contour (shape) irregularities. Improving the contours of your body will balance your overall figure and enhance your self-image. If you are unsatisfied with the shape of your buttocks and are looking for improvement, then a butt augmentation procedure may be the right option for you.

Dr. Mowlavi and his dedicated and caring team at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute will provide you with a comfortable and customized approach to your rejuvenation journey. Whether you’re interested in a single procedure or are looking for a complete makeover, you will experience one of the most thorough and personalized surgical experiences available today.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Mowlavi will consider two critical factors. The first is whether or not you have enough fat for a successful transfer to the buttocks, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. Your potential fat harvest sites will be tallied to determine how much fat can be transferred. If the volume is not enough to meet your expectations, then silicone implants are a great alternative option.

The second factor (and this is where the true artistry comes in) is to evaluate all areas of the body surrounding the buttocks (hips, thighs, lower back) and to consider a simultaneous liposuction procedure that will contour the perfect hourglass shape to achieve your ideal waist-to-booty ratio.


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