Gynecomastia Before and After Photos

Gynecomastia before and after photos are an important part of understanding what your plastic surgeon can and cannot do for your chest.

Gynecomastia repair refers to the correction of undesirable contour changes that result in the male breast appearing more feminine. These feminine changes include rounding out of the breast mound contour secondary to increased growth of mammary glands (typically a small disc-like mass under the nipple and areola) and excess fat build-up throughout the breast mound. These changes can be observed in the gynecomastia before and after photos displayed below.

Men that display gynecomastia will complain of being self-conscious about going to the pool or about taking off their shirts. Gynecomastia repair entails the removal of both the glandular tissue from underneath the nipple and areola as well as the fat throughout the breast periphery. Typically, the glandular tissue requires direct excision using a small incision that is hidden under the areola. If the glandular tissue is small it may be amenable to liposuction.

Some gynecomastia patients may benefit from Renuivion skin tightening to help with masculinizing the chest.

Finally, the fat from the breast periphery is removed using liposuction alone. What makes gynecomastia repair technically challenging is gauging the degree of glandular excision such that these areas have a smooth transition to the rest of the breast mound that has only been liposuctioned. When not done appropriately, a crater deformity can result. Only with surgical experience and an artistic eye, can superior gynecomastia results can be consistently achieved as shown in gynecomastia before and after photos below.

A consultation with Dr. Mowlavi will help you appreciate the nuances involved with achieving an aesthetically superior masculine chest appearance that is natural and non-operated looking.

Gynecomastia – what to look for

Gynecomastia before and after photos should be evaluated for elimination of breast fullness while avoiding all hints of surgery. This means smooth contour lines with avoidance of any divots. This means a well hidden incision line that is positioned accurately along the inferior edge of the areola and breast skin. In men desiring abdominal etching and the appearance of a six pack, the chest should be masculinized as depicted by straight lines that create an armor plate appearance as indicated by a strong pentagonal chest perimeter. Fat grafting can be used to linearize any rounded perimeters and for the creation of ridges on each side of the sternal line. In summary, appropriate chest contouring in the men must be performed in a manner that is inconspicuous to the onlooker.

Before & After Photos

64 year old male 3 months following bilateral gynecomastia repair utilizing liposuction of the breast and direct excision of discoid tissue. Please note uniform flattening of the breast mound resulting in a more masculine appearance.

37 year old male 2 months following bilateral gynecomastia and mini tummy tuck procedure. Pleasing abdominal and breast contour improvement resulting in a more lean appearance.

15 year old 9 months following bilateral gynecomastia repair with suction assisted liposuction of the breast periphery and direct excision of discoid tissue. This patient has become more comfortable participating in physical education classes at his highschool.

19 year old male student underwent bilateral male breast surgery to improve over all breast appearance as he was self concsious about working out in a tank top.

23 year old male who underwent bilateral male breast surgery to make his chest appearance less feminine.

42-year-old male status post gynecomastia repair.

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